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April 03 2011

Zap2it's 10 favorite grand romantic gestures from teen tv. The list includes Angel showing up to Buffy's prom.

From that list, only the scene from the The OC strikes me as grand and romantic. Some of the other scenes are nice, but nope. Sethummer forever! :p
"Breaking up with her is, in itself, a grand romantic gesture -- he sacrifices his own wishes to give her the hope of a brighter future"

That's an interesting way to look at it. I was really angry at Angel for making that choice for her, coldly, and without taking her feelings into consideration. Cruel rather than romantic to me. I found The Prom heartwarming and moving for the Class Protector part of it, but the Angel part just made me mad.
I dunno, I can see how he could have done it that way. I mean if he made it all sweet and sad it would have been harder for her and maybe she'd be less inclined to let go. I thought it was a great way to write that scene, even when he back tracks after telling her he doesn't want his life to be with her. It was written kinda like he couldn't really tell the lie. But i do think he had to hurt her in the worst possible way to make her get over him and move on.
The prom scene was so sweet and a perfect song choice for that moment.
It's my one perfect Buffy-fan moment.
Epic, romantic, perfect. Love it.
Great moment, from one of the best episodes.
It's also one of my favorite scenes in the entire series. Rather than Angel being cold and heartless, I thought it was incredibly hard for him to let go of her. He already carried the guilt of all his past victims. He couldn't carry the guilt of ruining Buffy's life, too. She gave her friends the perfect prom and he gave her, hers.

I watched Felicity a little bit but don't remember much about it: Felicity: So basically, I've given up everything my parents ever planned for me, everything I ever expected, all for a boy I don't even know.

But, but it was Scott Speedman! Woof.
This really is a grand romantic moment between Buffy and Angel. It just never gets old seeing B/A or pretty much anything Joss related, called into focus in the form of a top moment or best moments, list. :)

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