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April 03 2011

Reed Diamond is now on Twitter. You can now find Reed Diamond, best known to use all as Mr Dominic on Dollhouse, on twitter!

Cool guy, should be worth a follow.
He has been an absolute star at Echo2, a real force of nature.
I've been waiting for this for a million years. Never expected for this to happen at all. Thanks, universe. XD
As a Philadelphian, it's nice to read my native tongue in these postings.
I don't use Twitter, but I've certainly enjoyed Reed Diamond's performance in Journeyman this week. It's the first time I've watched the show and while it hasn't blown me away, I'm enjoying it quite a bit. I'm starting to love this man!
I must second what GrrAargh said - Reed Diamond was a blast at Echo-2. Surprise guest and all. Great story-teller, spontaneous Shakespeare deliveries, gay and man-whore "doll" impersonations, sexy dances, running around the room at top speed to see if the camera man can follow him, it just went on... never a dull moment!
That sounds amazing.

I've been watching Homicide: Life on the Street for the first time and Reed Diamond's character is easily my favourite (I'm on S5), just as he played my favourite character in Dollhouse.

So yay, twitter.
@Leaf - I've never met anyone outside livejournal whose favorite character is Laurence Dominic. Awesomecakes.

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