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April 04 2011

Maurissa Tancharoen on Dr Horrible, Dollhouse and 'Help Nathan Buy Firefly'. She also tells Crushable that she's working on some musical projects at the moment.

Maurissa is amazing. That is all.
Really is.
It was painful, and at times alarming, reading some of the reactions to The Tweet of Doom™. She so didn't deserve that.
Yep, she actually is full-blood amazing. Couldn't believe the crap people flung at her when that particular shit storm happened, and reading the comment section on the linked article, I still can't quite believe there are people who love Firefly just as all of us do, who think those reactions were understandable or somehow justified. It just kind of creeps me out.
Maurissa is great and hilarious. The comments on that article made me want to set my eyeballs on fire, though.
I'm glad Mo didn't stay off Twitter long. When she said she was afraid it was one of the lowest moments for me ever in this fandom. And yes, some of those people commenting appear to have been waiting off stage left for the appearance of the article. Wow.
Maurissa is wonderful. To all the negative comments about her, I say "la la la!" and "Shut up now."
Don't read the comments. Ever. On anything. Except for here of course, and then maybe sometimes no.
Is it possible to love one of these writers too much? I think not. I also think I may just love her more than suprised kitten on youtube(or "the youtube", as she would call it). Loved her description of her relationship with Jed. She really is too awesome for words.
No comment reading please and thank you. In fact no comments from people who have aggressive tendencies would be nice. Like if there were some kind of internet breathaliser(sp?) that could block you if your anger were over the limit of your average, let's say, Buddah. That would be nice.
I still can't quite believe there are people who love Firefly just as all of us do, who think those reactions were understandable or somehow justified. It just kind of creeps me out.

Like the page says, Fandumb and fandom go hand in hand (and always will, I'm afraid.)
It makes me sad that some of the comments are still being really rude towards her. I'm not surprised, but it still saddens me. Some people...
We love you Mo! We're only 10% insane here!
Yes, the nastiness toward her was (and is) completely uncalled for. She wasn't abrasive at all. And even if she had been, some of the comments made in response were really mean spirited. An abrasive tweet wouldn't have warranted that.

On a lighter note, snorting YouTube videos sounds dangerous and alluring. Is that the hip new thing at parties?
Regardless of the situation (and yes, I witnessed the whole thing from both sides), I have to say that the grace and class that Maurissa exhibited during the whole HNBF thing was truly impressive. It saddens me greatly that she was subjected to such horrendous behavior and comments. How anyone can behave in such a manner is beyond me, but I guess there are some people who just think they can do as they please on the internet and it will never come back to haunt them. All I have to say to them is one word, KARMA.
Crushable is right. Maurissa rocks. Period.
Oh, the "fandumb-fandom" one was new to me, but indeed very fitting. Mo so didnt deserve all the nasty comments or response to her twitter on the matter.
Hee, Maurissa always gives great interview. As to the rest, I ♥ Mo but I don't always ♥ the internet.

That said, unless some've been removed, the comments on that site are nothing, both compared to general internet nastiness and compared to the stuff about Mo floating around on Twitter and the HNBF Facebook page just after her tweet. Sad fact but it's the double edged sword of letting people say whatever they want - if this place had no mods it'd be exactly the same, as has been demonstrated a few times in the past.
I like to think that the people who were bashing Maurissa were a small but vocal minority. She is a fantastic person and didn't deserve any of that.

Sigh. I have a complicated relationship with the internet too, Saje.
Yeah, the twitter and FB comments tended towards the really vile. It's gro-volting (my especial word) to think that Ms. Mo's fielding the many questions thrown at her about HNBF resulted in such a shitstorm, and that the crap from a vocal minority added to her stress levels. She wasn't even slightly abrasive - but 140 characters does tend to limit the amount of mitigating softness you can add to any one tweet.

Aside from the outright abuse she received, the suggestion that Maurissa's role in the Whedon'verse consisted solely of her marrying into it was thoroughly annoying. I don't need to list her Horrible & Dollhouse credits here, but I did elsewhere, apparently. Hey, do a little research before you call someone names, huh? At least it'll help you come up with more intelligent insults.

I think ultimately they handled it the best way possible in not having Joss say something on her behalf afterwards - while it did leave Maurissa out in the open by herself with no cover (*sniff* which made my empathy bones kinda ache), given the mood of the Vocal Awful, it would have prolonged and amped up the drama exponentially.

I did enjoy her description of their music-writing process. ; > My partner and I work together, and we on occasion end up hurling (good-natured) invective at each other. It takes a lot of patience to keep working successfully with your partner, and a whole lot of love.

Can't wait to hear more about the next music-y project.
I hope that Mo knows how much love we have for her, and doesn't think we're all nasty.
That's just silly. :) She has said at Twitter more than once she appreciates the support (from us'n who write her encouraging notes) so I'm sure she feels the love.

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