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April 05 2011

David Boreanaz is now on Twitter. Go say hi.

Just did. Told him the twitterverse is filled with friendly folk, and so forth. Also told him I'm a Sharks fan, but if the Flyers wind up in the Stanley Cup final, that would be OK is San Jose didn't make it. Otherwise....well.
Soon, we will have all of you in our clutches. Muwahahahaha! [/Dr. Horrible evil laugh]
Faith and Angel are Twitter denizens now...can Buffy be too far behind?
Ooh if SMP joins the ranks then twitter may just explode. But I highly doubt she would, she's never seemed the type to do that, even in interviews she maintains a respectful distance. Could you imagine her tweeting about changing diapers and the like? I couldn't...
Looks like he got a FB Page too.

It's updated from his WhoSay account (which is also linked to his Twitter) so I'm guessing this is genuine.

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All I'm saying's that, with Faith and Angel in the mix, there's GOT to be a Twitter Hellmouth. (We definitely need Buffy!)
Oh right, sorry. Yes, good point. Also it's a nice tie into their new comic adventures.
I wonder what Eliza and David would say about Faith and Angel's upcoming book

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