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April 05 2011

(SPOILER) Rebekah Isaacs speaks to about "Angel and Faith". Some mild spoilers about things to expect. She also talks about how she landed the gig (Sierra Hahn was her "cheerleader"), struggling with likenesses, why she likes Angel and Faith as characters, and talks a little about her past work.

My feelings right now after seeing this video are that I LOVE HER. But not in a weird way. And not really in a way having to do with her art. It's just so far beyond cool that Dark Horse found this young female fairly-unknown and saw her talent and believed in her. I don't think I can say it in a less smarmy way, sorry about that.

Good luck, Rebekah! Can't wait to see your work!
Very excited to see her work :). Also bonus points to Rebekah for having a strangely named pet (her cat's name is Fantastic Donut).
Loved her DV8 work (Brian Wood certainly can choose artists), can't wait for Angel & Faith.
She seems incredibly sweet. I think I have a crush:)
Man, she looks just like Amy Acker.
really? she seems great but I don't really see Amy Acker.

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Not that I want to lead the discussion in that particular direction, but she initially reminded me of Katee Sackhoff.
She's a charmer, for sure! I'm excited to see her art for "Angel and Faith".
She seems genuinely excited to be working on this project, which is a plus for me.
Well, there's the really low quality image (screengrab, really) of one of her covers for "Angel and Faith" if you really want to see a sample of her work on the Buffyverse. She confirmed that it was one of her covers.
Looking forward to seeing some her interior work
Cool cover! I'll have to check this one out, I think.
Xi, I meant her interiors. Already seen the cover. But it's not enough for me to get a sense of how the story's gonna flow from her pen(cil).
@Emmie: While it may be insufficient, it is a sample all the same. And for now, that's all we have. :)

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