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April 05 2011

LA Times interview with Andrew Chambliss about Season 9. Dollhouse writer Andrew Chambliss talks about his role in Dark Horse's Season 9 of BtVS and there's Georges Jeanty cover art as well.

I thought "death is your gift" got defined pretty well at the end of Season 5.
Yeah, very weird lede there.
Yay, a much better version of Jeanty's cover.
His favorite season is Season 6. His favorite characters to write for are Buffy and Spike. And he's written such masterpieces as A Spy in the House of Love. Do they grow him in bunches? ♥

Also loving Jeanty's Buffy cover. She looks much more adult than she did in his Season 8 work.
Great interview and I love the cover!
Good interview and glad to see a clearer version of the other cover.
As ever, getting more excited by the minute!
I added some words about the cover.
Jeanty's cover seems to be stepping towards more adult figures than the childish bobbleheads he was known for, and I'm glad to see the move towards more realistic figures. It's a beautiful cover, and like Einsy I'm thrilled to pieces at the things coming from Chambliss. I don't expect sunshine and rainbows for Spike and Buffy, but it looks like what we'll be getting is real and significant.
Interesting interview and great cover. I love that Buffy looks upstairs. For once, Jeanty's manner to draw disproportionally big heads works okay because of the perspective.

Chambliss loves writing Spike. That's good news. Pity he didn't say anything about Xander.

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