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"Is everyone here very stoned?"
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April 05 2011

Steve Morris posts his cover for "Angel and Faith" #1. Exactly what it sounds like. If you'd like to see his "audition pieces," so to speak, you can check them out HERE.

Love the image, that whole gothic noir feel to it. Faith looks like she's in typical Faith pose, Angel again looks too okay with himself, but at least he has his hand on the cross. The demon under Faith's foot is just too perfect. Really like this art.
The likenesses are very early. They both look quite young in these, but it's not like Angel is ever supposed to age anyway. I tihnk I prefer this to the one we saw earlier this week.

His Buffy image is a bit emaciated looking, wanna give her some food there.

Edit: Actually Faith looks a little like Ellen Page(sp?) there.

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Very cool. Love the feel of it. Likeness isn't something I really worry about and these are fine with me. It's probably a bit crowded for me, but I still really like it.

But I'm starting to get confused. How many covers are there? I've counted four Angel ones so far. Do we know yet who is on covers full time? Chen/Jeanty for Buffy obviously, but have we heard who A&F's regular cover art team will be?
Giles tombstone :(

Super excited about this series!!
In the past everyone was thin!
Cool art.
So, Doctor Who crossovers now (the Big Ben info)? Or just a passing reference?
I think it was a reference to Spike crashing into the clock during season 8.
Angel, we've talked about this. Sins don't burn off through your skin. Let go of the cross.

Love the way Faith is holding the stake. Nice image. We're on a roll here.
Oh hey, we got a birth year for Giles! We didn't already know he was born in '55, did we?
So they're officially calling Jo Chen covers the variants. I like these covers but why do they have to be the MAIN one?
Love it! except the way Faith's finger looks. It looks a bit off. haha. But other than that, it's amazing.
@Taaroko, I'm pretty sure we did. When Giles died and Whedonesque had their homage page thingy, it had his birth year there.
Great cover.I've loved all the covers we've seen so far for both season 9 books.
@Kaan: It was previously announced that Morris was going to be the main cover artist for "Angel and Faith."
We got Giles' birth year, but they craftily ommitted the death year-- is this because the comics are still happening in a Twilight Zone (no pun intended) of sometime between 2003 and now?
Wow! That is a badass cover!

Even better than that gorgeous Jo Chen cover
Love the cover! Though does anyone else find Faith's left hand a leeeetle creepy!

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Faith looks extremely creepy and it's like her hand went through a bunch of gears and is anorexic.
I love the expression on Angel's face. He looks so haunted.

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