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April 06 2011

Zack Whedon's Talk-Along Interview. The promotional campaign for the Dr Horrible book hits MTV Geek.

I just got my book and it is a gem. I loved reading it and the sheet music will always be something special to keep and enjoy.
Broadway is a place we are all fond of so we'll see about that.


Neat interview.
Broadway is a place we are all fond of

Yet I have it on good authority that Zack actually hates musicals.
Broadway isn't just musicals.
What does it say about me that I would sort of be into the idea of calling it "Penny's From Heaven"?

Every time I read a new anything about this, it just makes me happy all over again that a silly little web series hit a nerve and arrived at just the right time to have become as big as it has. Awesome.

On a slightly other topic, and I do apologize in advance if it's inappropriate to ask this here, but, does anyone know what the situation is with the Dr. Horrible book Whedonesque giveaway thing? I'm sure my answer is right exactly in front of my nose, but I fail at the Internet, so I'm not aware of who won. I reckon it wasn't me, but I'd sure like to read the winning entries. Like I said, I'm probably just blind, and it's super obvious where to look, but I was just curious. Thanks.
We are thrilled and flattered and retracing our steps to try to find out what we did right.

Most of your last names begin with a W?

Gotta get the book.
Sorry XanMan, I haven't got round to judging it yet. Once I get my son off to sleep, I'll start going through the entries.
Simon - No worries at all. I'm just glad I didn't miss it is all. :)

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