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April 06 2011

Curve Magazine chats to Dark Horse's Scott Allie about Buffy Seasons 8 & 9. There's some nice insights into Buffy/Satsu, writing with Joss on 'The Last Gleaming arc' and comic book pacing. As ever, spoilers for youknowwhat in Buffy #39.

Good interview.Interesting getting his point of views on varous things now that season 8 is a few months in the rear view mirror.
If there are no shrimp in Season 10 I'm boycotting.
Nice, I liked taking this look in the rearview mirror. And Georges' "I want you (to be strong)" cover for The Chain is one of my favorites of Season 8.
Emmie, that's also one of my favorite covers in season 8 (for one of my favorite stories in the Buffyverse ever). =) I got into it late, so I only have the trades for the earlier issues, but I'm desperately seeking out the issue with that cover of The Chain.
Waterkeeper511, I know that Mile High Comics has pretty much all of the issues in stock. If you want to check them out, here's the link. I hope that it helps:
The main thing we learned in doing this season is that we want to keep it smaller, on a more personal level next time. That it wasn’t the budget or the constraints of TV that forced the show to focus on the characters. It was the characters. There’s no reason to get too preoccupied with anything else.

Yes. Just yes.
Pity that never occurred to them when they first started this venture...:(
@ Giles_314 & sueworld2003 - Agreed! I was reading the season 8 comics in the beginning, but they lost me. Never would have thought that could happen with the Buffyverse. :(
Not until Season 10!?!?? C'mon... I have burning questions! Do shrimp have souls? Are there vampiric shrimp? And into every generation, is a slayer shrimp born? One shrimp in all the world. A chosen shrimp. And will that shrimp alone have the strength and skill to fight the vampiric shrimp, demonic shrimp and the forces of shrimpness? Or is that why the world is just shrimp? There was no one to stop the spread of their evil and the swell of their shrimp numbers? And how can I help? Is there cocktail sauce involved?

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