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April 06 2011

Rebekah Isaacs' cover art for Angel and Faith #2. Buffyfest has the scoop.

Great cover.Really projects the mood well.
Love this cover. They look like a real action duo here (just hope the redemption thing stays firmly on the front burner while being all action packed)
When has Angel's story ever not been about redemption and atonement? Why would they stop telling that story now? I'm seeing a lot of people worry about something that isn't warranted loosely based on a character's perceived facial expressions on comic book covers. Trust the storyteller to tell the story. If it isn't to your liking then stop buying it. It's all so very simple.
Great cover. I agree with @Tranquility - a great action duo. I wonder if the green-ish creatures at the background are demons or ghosts.
I'm liking the likenesses.
Hmm...Angel with staff. I like it.
I like it. Whats the building in the background? It looks kinda like the Capitol building.
I will buy and burn these if they even hint at a Faith/Angel romance.
iwearthecheese, I doubt that would happen. Or at least, I hope they learned their lesson from Angel and Cordy...
Why, iwearthecheese? That would be an interesting twist that might create lots of crazy drama across both titles. I think it would be great even if it's just in a Shakespeare-ish farce misunderstanding sort of way. You just know it will gnaw away at Buffy anyway. Good stuff for drama and the story. Happy people are boring and don't serve the story.
That's St Paul's cathedral in the backgroud, Kaan. It was built in the C17th to replace the previous cathedral that was unfortunately destroyed in the Great Fire of London in 1666, it is right in the heart of the city.

Great looking cover, only a minor thing, but I love that on the covers I've seen the stakes Faith is holding look really sharp.
Thanks for the info silvius!
Love the cover. Can't wait until they start with the smoochies.
What's so bad about Angel and Cordy? A lot of people like the two of them together. And why cry against Angel and Faith when the story doesn't even start? Why just Buffy can have love stories why Angel not?!
I know shipping's not a thing here, but I very much don't understand people thinking Angel/Cordy is a bad thing. Their relationship felt way more natural to me than the Bangel relationship ever did. Not that I like one more than the other.

To bring this into context, I don't care if there's a romantic thing between Angel and Faith. They've been teasing us with that for a while now, ever since Buffy season 3. (Okay, not really, but I don't think it's such an impossibility.)

People are allowed to love more than one person across the span of their lifetime.
Let's step away from the shipping, please :).
I respect everyone's opinions regarding whatever ships they support, so I am not looking to create friction here. However, I have an interesting observation. There has always been a pattern with Buffy/Faith. Everything that matters to Buffy inevitably falls into Faith's hands. In season four, Faith slept with Buffy's boyfriend Riley. In season 7, Buffy lost both the scoobies AND the potentials to Faith. In season 8, Faith gets Giles. Later, she even gets his inheritance.

I think a Faith/Angel romance would fit the pattern and create the usual Buffy/Faith drama that I have come to love. I totally respect the opinions of those who don't like the idea though. I'm cool with whatever direction the writers take. I was a Cordy/Angel fan, but I understand how it doesn't appeal to some
So can we take that to its ultimate conclusion? Buffy gives herself over to Faith and we finally see Season 3's subtext made into text? :)

LOL, maybe if Satsu hadn't come along. We all know Buffy already had her "experiment" LOL

I'm sure there's plenty of fanfics for that though...
And she enjoyed. Now she and Faith can finally just get down to it.
Oh wow, I'm really liking this artist. No offense to George Jentry, but I like her stuff a lot better. She's got more of a sharper, harder style which is needed for "Angel (and Faith)".

As for a Faith/Angel Romance? Honestly, in a lot of aspects Faith is more loyal to Angel than Buffy could ever be. If he asked her, I'm sure Faith would follow him into Hell. Heck, even if he didn't ask her, Faith would do it.

Even with the Twilight stuff.
Or maybe Faith gets Satsu too? And Spike. Let's not forget Willow and Xander. How bout Faith just spend this series sleeping with everyone?! Or she could just get busy with the saving people thing. Maybe she'll sleep with the people she saves too?
But honestly, I do hope that they have better things to concern them with in this series other than relationships. Faith and Angel have a self imposed loner vibe, Buffy is more needy, hence the constant failed relationships. And I don't mean needy in a bad way, just in an emotionally insecure kinda way. Also, I don't think Angel deserves anything like that just yet. He killed Giles!!
I agree with you elf. I actually greatly admire that strong bond. Angel and Faith give each other a lot more leeway than other people would. I think that is a key aspect of their relationship. There's always been this sort of, we're in the redemption thing together vibe with those two.

No other person in the world but Angel would have chosen not to kill Faith in Angel season 1 and Faith is the only one who would have brought in Angelus alive in Angel season 4. Anyone else would have killed him. Gun-Angel's friend-would have done it, Connor-his son-would have done it and Buffy-his ex-love-would have done it too. Wesley would have done it too if Faith wasn't an option

I think Angel is just better with brunettes LOL
Blueskies wrote:
Also, I don't think Angel deserves anything like that just yet. He killed Giles!!

No, he didn't. He was possessed, remember? Twilight killed Giles.
Yes aradia, that's what he wants you to think. Truth is, he was always jealous of Giles' tweed collection and was secretly hoping he'd be left it in the will. When he realised it went to Faith he clung to her. Sneaky. Part of me would like to see Angel in Giles tweed, like Spike in "Restless". I'm hoping this is an aspect of his character we get to explore in the coming season...

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