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April 06 2011

DC-area Singer Margot MacDonald covers the Ballad of Serenity. Margot MacDonald, a wonderful local DC-area singer (and winner of the Washington Area Music Association's Artist of the Year), has been offering her takes of various TV theme songs on her Youtube channel.

This month's offering is the Ballad of Serenity and, yes, I'm the Eileen who suggested it and I hope that doesn't disqualify this post. ;-) I'm not related to Ms. MacDonald professionally or personally; I'm just a fan.

That was amazing! She covered the theme song for "Community" as well, and it's just as impressive. She has a few albums on CD Baby, which I'm extremely tempted to buy now. Great find!
Wow, that's a beautiful rendition - very impressive!
i had the very great pleasure of sharing the stage with her a couple times back when i was playing in bands in the dc area. she's been writing and performing publicly since she was like 10 or 12. she's amazing :)

loved her version :)
That is utterly lovely. Truly well done!

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