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April 07 2011

"Hopefully, we'll have the mother of all comic book movies for you soon." Mark Ruffalo gets all excited for The Avengers. He also says he'll be shooting the movie in the first week in May.

Wonder if that's the start of his shoot or the start of the shoot ?
I love how every mention of The Avengers has a mention of the script. I don't think it's hype, I think the players really are that stoked about it.
Is it safe to get excited yet?
Pretty sure that's just Ruffalo, Saje. I think the film starts shooting before the end of April.
Ah OK, cheers Jobo.

As to getting excited, i'm trying not to, the release is still too far away.
I just hope that the movies leading up to the Avengers are good, as that could kill some of the hype

I do hope Avengers gets Joss the recognition that Serenity should have given him
What do people mean by recognition? It's something I've never understood. Joss is a lot more prolific than most writers, and although he has had some problems, the studios generally respect him. He's been on the radar for doing a superhero film for about 10 years now, so it's just excellent timing and luck that he indeed got this. I don't think we'll getting a writer/director with Spielberg-esque power behind them for a long time. He's the exception, everyone knows that name. Possibly George Lucas too. JJ Abrams? Nope. Jon Favreau? Naah. Unless you're into pop culture, you just don't know these names.

I just... it confuses me.. He has lots of recognition.

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