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April 07 2011 uses Buffy villains to teach about DMing. One of the creators of Dungeons & Dragons uses Buffy as an example of why two villains paired together work well. As a nice bonus: vote for your favourite villain pairing (including Buffy ones)!

No Doctor Who villains or monsters in the voting!

Doctor Who isn't so much about villain pairing, but you gotta love the moment when they all come together. "Everyone who ever hated you is here."
... and you'll still kick all their asses and save the universe ;). Yeah, can't really think of a villain pairing from Who. Which makes sense to some extent - if you're hell-bent on ruling the universe you don't normally team up with someone else who's similarly inclined cos your interests are kind of mutually exclusive.

Servalan/Travis from "Blake's 7" was quite a memorable pairing though that was more a boss/henchman relationship (but then so was Hans Gruber/Karl and they're on the list).
... And Saruman/Wormtongue, Saje. One could argue whether Mayor Wilkins/Faith meets that criterion, too...
Serious geek alert:-

The "creators of Dungeons & Dragons" were Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson, both of whom have passed away.
I know, it would be more correct to say the creators of the current edition of D&D, but it's a headline!

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