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April 07 2011

Enter The Cabin. A new fan campaign.

A horror movie thats already been filmed and produced. All they have to do is spend what, 10 million?? to promote it with a few trailers and print ads. If the movie makes 20 million then isn't that a profit for any studio that picks up the movie?? Why isn't this on my screen yet? I'm offering them my hard earned money and they're not taking it!!

Or heck just release it to DTV. Even cheaper.

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For transparency: Facebook admin is me, website is b!X. Idea is very simple: I think if a company buys this, releases it, we will go and see it, and laugh our scared asses off and tell our friends. This movie deserves to be seen on a big ass screen, and I don't think it's an unachievable goal to help make that happen. We don't wanna buy anything except a movie ticket and an unhealthy-but-awesome amount of snackage.

The message is clear and the 'campaign' simple: Dear Any Studio, tell us a tale and we'll give you our time and money to go see it and maybe own it on those pesky Blue-Raygun things I keep hearing about.

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I feel like we won't see the movie released until Avengers comes out.
And maybe not even then if Avengers isn't very good (as unlikely as that may be).

Doubt this'll achieve much BUT it also does absolutely no harm that I can see so I employed my I'm-still-telling-myself-i'm-not-really-on-Facebook fake Facebook account to "Like" it. Worth a punt.
Fun, yet tinged with frustration, site. Kudos to b!X and gossi. Doubt it will accomplish anything, sorry, but there's no loss in having tried it right?

@eddy: $10million is a very low estimate, as my laymans understanding of Hollywood is. CitW cost $30m+ to produce. That's money investors want to see back. I don't know whether $10mil would even cover distribution rights, let alone P&A. Of course I could be wrong--wouldn't be the first time.
Sure, the investors would love their money back, but since it is already spent, it shouldn't factor in the choice of whether to release the movie or not. Much like in poker, when you never should consider how much you spent to decide whether you want to fold or not, you should always only consider your expected future gain.
Anything done because you believe in it can not possibly be a waste of time.

Good Luck, guys.
Anything done because you believe in it can not possibly be a waste of time.

Best will in the world but I don't remember that being the consensus over the HNBF debacle which many here did, quite rightly IMO, consider a waste of time (and most of those people believed in it - if anything they believed too hard in fact).

Still, as I say, this is different, there's nothing to lose except a few seconds of our time and no possibility (that I can see) of anyone getting hurt.
I agree, we probably won't see it until after The Avengers. But wouldn't it be a very smart idea for a studio to buy it now for a relatively cheap price and then release it later and be allowed to use: "From the writer and director of THE AVENGERS".

If Avengers sucks, they still stand to break even and make a profit without that moniker attached to the film. If Avengers is amazing, they have just bought a cheap movie with a huge name attached to it. Win, win situation if you ask me.
@abramsology. I think you are right. Maybe MGM is waiting for the possibility of a post avengers windfall.

I liked. Way to go gossi and b!x. I can get behind this campaign.
I'm glad there is a push being made, this movie had sat on the shelf WAY too long already!
Finally, a fan campaign I feel comfortable endorsing.

I mean, it's not like we're calling for the impossible (although I still feel like this isn't going to happen), or predicting doom for something before it's even got going (Save The Avengers!)... it's finished, it's ready, it's a slam dunk release, we want to see it, let's see it!!!
'Slam dunk release', I'm stealin' that daylight as I absolutely think that's the case. This movie is the 'easiest sell' project joss has ever done. Three words: smart scary movie.
And totally unintended reference to MGM executives' Lakers tickets discussions.
went and liked and all. at least release it on dvd! if avengers does well they can launch it to threatres. I bet most of us will go again.
but like it happened with...iinfected I think it's called? that movie chris pine made that had been gathering dust until star trek showed up, It most likely won't see the light til after avengers.
To be honest, "from the writer of Cloverfield" on the posters would get a certain horror/teen audience anyway. Drew rocks. Whatever y'all may think of Cloverfield, it made $80m at the box office (from a similar budget to Cabin in the Woods).

I don't think anybody studio side is waiting for The Avengers here, it's more business shenanigans about getting the best price.

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'Carriers' I think was the Chris Pine movie. Not perfect but worth a watch IMO.
FWIW, I'm switching hosts for the site. There shouldn't be any disruption.
Such cynicism, and from fans of the Big Damn Movie! Anything's possible, and I'm sure every bit of fan notice and publicization helps. On my way to Like and spread the news now, good job.
Hmmm, maybe I should get a Facebook so I can "like" this.

(OT: I say "get a Facebook," which sounds very odd to me, because my daughter insists that only old people refer to having a Facebook page as being "on Facebook," which actually means being on your page at the moment. And I don't want to sound old. Heaven forfend!)
Almost a thousand people. I love you all.
I just want to chime in and pass my thanks to gossi and b!x.

I hope it does work.

As a sidebar "The Inside" by the wonderful Tim Minear is posted on Amazon USA as an unavailable item. I have added my name to those that want to be notified of it's release. Might help that campaign too.

There is too much good product laying around gathering dust.
Soon as I'm out of work I'll be liking it like there's no tomorrow!! Then I'll sit patiently until they release it, smiling knowingly that it was my contribution(not the thousands of others, especially not gossi or b!x) that is responsible for all this. Then I'll start a campaign to have another film/show released/bought.

And despite the sarcasm, I really do hope beyond all manner of hope that this gets released. Thanks for setting this up guys. It really does take away from the feeling of disconnect that we have from the film.
I'll add my thanks to gossi and b!X. Liked and shared on facebook. I would love to have a little Whedon/Goddard goodness right now.

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