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April 08 2011

Interview with Rebekah Isaacs ("Angel and Faith" artist). She talks about her creative process, work with Christos Gage and her favorite episode and season on BtVS.

I like that both Rebekah and Christos, while fans, were approached about their roles before they got very heavily into working in the Buffyverse. Some very fresh blood + some very heavy admiration of Joss seems like it will be great for Angel and Faith, which by its very context seems like it would benefit from a fresh creative team.

Also (and I hope this isn't too inappropriate or superficial), as someone who is pretty much predominantly into the menfolk - Rebekah is cute as hell. She just looks so enthusiastic and earnest.
Very cool interview.I really can't wait to see some of her interior art.
Sounds like a cool story.

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