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April 08 2011

Review of the gala performance of Company. Featuring Christina Hendricks and the "relatively inexperienced" NPH?! Photos and video clips can be found here and here.

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The tone starts out as a little condescending to TV and television performers, but of course it is true that NPH and Christina Hendricks don't have a fraction of Patty LuPone's stage experience. And his glowing review of Stephen Colbert's performance really makes me wish this would be aired on television at some point!
We're so excited to have box seats for tomorrow night! Will pop back to the thread and share some highlights.
I added Bluelark's links to this entry.
Well, golly - Saffron in bed with Dr. Horrible. Now there's some warped crossover fic for you!

Has anyone heard Christina sing? I know Neil's got some amazing pipes but I've never heard her sing before.

From what I've read this is going to be recorded during one of the performances, but I'm not clear if it'll be a theater release, or a TV or internet. Anyone know?
If this follows the patterns of some other shows-as-concerts (a la Sweeney Todd in 2001, Candide in 2005, and even Les Mis waayyy back in 1995) than we can possibly -hopefully!- expect to find it on PBS in 6-months or so then on DVD in a few more. The only thing that makes me wary to this is that when Company was on Broadway not too long ago, it was taped, aired on PBS, then released on DVD (and worth checking out if you haven't!) so this Joss-filled production may not have received the same treatment due to it being seen as redundant.
Not only all that--but I'm a huge Sondheim fan as well. Lucky, lucky barest_smidgen.
Well, golly - Saffron in bed with Dr. Horrible. Now there's some warped crossover fic for you!

And suddenly it seems possible that she's managed to marry not only everyone in the Firefly 'verse but everyone in the rest of the Whedonverse as well.

But does Joss know she can sing? Now who wouldn't want to see her in the Dr. Horrible sequel?

After searching, I found that in this article it says in one of the bottom paragraphs that the gala performance will be filmed and released in movie theatres in June. It doesn't specify a date though, or say if it will be released on DVD afterwards. But yay!

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