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April 08 2011

Jed Whedon reveals the heroic equivalent of The Evil League of Evil. It's one of the first tangible hints for a possible Dr Horrible sequel. He also says that Captain Hammer was most fun to write for.

I like that Jed said Justin Timberlake's sidekick character would be the "Nails" to Nathan's "Hammer." This makes me imagine Nathan pounding the badguys with JT, which is pleasing to me -- especially if JT has no superpowers, but only a well-developed resignation to his lot in life.
I enjoy that his new favourite song is "I Know Your Girlfriend Hates Me" by Annie. An extremely obscure choice, but a great example of modern Swedish pop.
I had a feeling that the sequel was going to have heroic equivalent. My gut also tells me that there probably will be another video contest, but for the heroes this time.
"Captain Hammerís high school was named after him. While he was still attending." haha that is brilliant. I really can't wait for a sequel.
Nails could be the Kif to Captain Hammer's Zapp Brannigan.

I wonder if the Council of Champions is actually a planned thing or just something Jed made up on the spot. He said he told us it despite not wanting to spoil, so that implies to me that it is real.
The Council of Champions is actually referred to in the Dr. Horrible graphic novel, specifically in the Evil League of Evil story. :)
Oh yeah, that's right! I'd completely forgotten about that!

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