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"It gets exponentially prefixy."
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April 09 2011

Dr Horrible - the My Little Pony version. It works on so many levels.

There's also Freeze Ray, Bad Horse (extended version) and Caring Hands.

So great! Really well done.
That was awesome. Great find!
This made my night. :D
Okay, that generated a smile.
Is it weird I want to watch My Little Pony now?

I watched all of them, and they are pretty epic! I loved the three horses used for the Bad Horse Chorus!
Haha. Wow. That fit scarily well. Applause to whoever did this.
Phenomenal, just brilliantly done.

*raises hat to some random on the internet*
On a day where I've been run off my feet organising protests against cuts to medical research, that really made my day. Thanks for posting.
I imagine some poor parent having to watch My Little Pony with their kids yet again and suddenly seeing possibilities...
Very well done.
Nice fit, isn't it? Rainbow Dash's goggles are the cherry on an already excellent frozen yoghurt cake. :D
This is the best way to start a Sunday!
Hilarious! I just watched it with my young 'uns who are both Dr. Horrible fans. My son rolled his eyes and muttered, "now that's just silly," but my daughter, who is a MLP fan, gave it a solid thumbs up.

ETA: A link to this awesome little My Little Pony mod for the benefit of those who may have missed it way back when.

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I've never watched MLP, but that is the funniest mashup I've seen in a while. Smiles and laughs :) :D
Found this a few nights ago on my desperate trek through the internet to devour the absolute maximum of MLP:FIM that my brain could handle - didn't think I'd see it showing up on Whedonesque!

Seriously, you guys have to watch this show. It's all available on YouTube; just look for Friendship Is Magic. You give me those arched eyebrows now, sure, but you'll thank me later.

Also there's a pony that looks like the Doctor. Do not even try to resist this.
My Little Pony said "balls". Life is complete.
I wonder if the creator is working on doing the rest of the songs...
This doesn't look like the MLP I used to see... they look all Anime.

Mind you, I LOVE the connection to Dr. H.
I love it...and am not wondering what could be done with Gumby and Pokey, the ultimate bad horse....

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