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April 11 2011

Amber Benson reads a sex scene. And it's freakin' hilarious!

LOL, what a way to start the day, am heading to Amazon to get this and will have fun remembering this video while reading. Thanks for posting.
:) I love her!
This is a really charming, very normal human sort of thing to see. I love that Rothfuss jumps in to help.
Ok I couldn't actually watch that. I got too embarrassed. How lame is that.
No, no, watch it. It's really funny!
"Oh man!"
Hilarious but also quite adorable - in a NSFW way.
So hilarious! I'm a little sad though because I had to force myself to stop watching when I realized it wasn't just a continuation of the end of Cat's Claw with Daniel and I was spoiling myself. Argh I need to get this book soon!
Could she be any more adorable? To know her must be to love her.

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