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April 11 2011

(SPOILER) Rumored Avengers villain says they're not in the film. The Daily Blam! reports on what clearly can be described as a spoiler.

Interesting. Loki rumors for the Avengers were around before Joss was involved. I wonder if Loki once was projected for the project (to mirror the original origen of the Avengers in the comics), but if Joss edited Loki out...
I guess the Skrulls rumors will now continue to persist until otherwise debunked. I'm sure Joss could have a field day with them as shapeshifters, but there's gotta be a threat with some pretty significant firepower to justify bringing all the heroes together, no?
I was in attendance at this panel and it could just as easily have been a confirmation that he is going to be in the Avengers. Tom Hiddleston wasn't able to confirm OR deny. There was a running joke throughout the panel with the interviewer asking Chris Hemsworth a question about the Avengers, and casually following it up with a "and what about you Tom" to try and catch him out.

Chris Hemsworth said of Joss that they'd met numerous times and that Joss had lots of great ideas for where his character can go. There was also a brief mention of Cabin in the woods but no news.
I wouldn't right off anything yet.I mean for example,Zack Snyder a few month ago denied that General Zod was going to be the villain in his new Superman film,"Man Of Steel" only to have it offically confirmed last night that Zod is the baddie and Michael Shannon has been cast in the role.

My point is,don't believe everything you hear or assume anything before an offical announcment.

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While not at this panel, I spoke to Bryan Hitch (artist on the Ultimates) at Kapow, who said he is in regular phone contact with Joss and while he hasn't seen the script due to not wanting to signing a non-disclosure agreement, Joss said he is really struggling to get his stunt extras to perform the feats the team did in the comic.
No real surprise there, but what ever the villain(s) I think everyone is excited about this film
Had a feeling this was a good place to post for some extra info, thanks all.

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