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April 11 2011

io9's 10 Ways of Looking at Firefly. The list does bring up some good points about life out in the black.

It never occured to me before that the show doesn't feature any aliens. Is this a first for the space/scifi genre?

Per TVTropes (apologies to anyone who goes and looks and then spends the next day stuck on the website), Red Dwarf did it first for TV. There are a lot of examples of literature sans rubber foreheads.
"sans rubber foreheads"? @Loiosh, you owe Kryten an apology! ;)
Argh, Loiosh, I always get trapped there... =)

#8 is my favorite thing about Firefly.
Hmm. I don't like this list. It seems to miss a lot of the nuance.
Yeah - imo not a very creative list, but nice all the same.
Point 10 is the only one of much worth I reckon. And point 4
4. The worst kind of authoritarianism is scientific authoritarianism.

immediately made me think "Tell that to Giordano Bruno among many, many others". When it comes to oppressive authoritarianism there's not much difference between the (supposedly) scientific kind and any other.

So nope, not such a great list IMO.
I'm so tired of io9's redirection service for those outside the US. As it doesn't work. The only thing that actually works is their mobile site so I may just insist on links to that version from now on.

Having finally got to the list, it's not actually that impressive.
Yep, bit of a pain in the arse. The only upside is you have to scroll past a bunch of other, unrelated articles some of which might pique your interest.
Well, if I'm going to be oppressed, it might as well be with some neat lasers and time travel...? Or not.

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