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April 12 2011

Mortal Kombat: Legacy starring Tahmoh Penikett premieres today. First webisode of the new Mortal Kombat series on YouTube. Maurissa Tancharoen will also be guesting on an episode.

There was a scene or two where I was wondering why there's a need for slow motion and it could have used more hand-to-hand fight scenes, but I like it. I'm looking forward to the second ep, and hopefully, Sub-Zero.
Well that was disappointing. It didn't feel like MK at all. The dialog was cheesy, they went way overboard with the slow mo, that shoot out was really confusing to watch and there were weird fade outs everywhere. And the one fight scene wasn't that good, which, this being MK and all, doesn't bode well. I realize this is the first ep and everything, but it was all fairly meh.
It was pretty slow with the pace, but it was only the first 10 mins, gotta set the scene somehow. Could have been better though...alot better.
It didn't feel like MK at all. The dialog was cheesy, they went way overboard with the slow mo, that shoot out was really confusing to watch and there were weird fade outs everywhere.

Um, what part of that didn't feel like Mortal Kombat? The characters and their dialog have always been cheesy and the series gained popularity exactly because it was over the top. Fatalities? Come on, now.

I'll need to see exactly where this goes to make a solid judgement but so far I like it and I see potential.
I wonder if they'll include spine-ripping and ~fatalities in the webisodes. lol
Also, this was directed and co-written by Maurissa's brother.
It gets much better.
Gossi, will there be spine ripping and fatalities as csi_spi suggested? You have all the insider tell...
I agree, it went a little too slow but I will keep watching because it feels like it has potential.
It's heading more towards where you'd expect (screengrab).
High fives to Gossi! Thanks for keeping the hope alive. Can't wait to see MoTanch as his wife. Can't wait to see him vs SubZero. Can't wait til next Tuesday. *Head explodes*
That was some bad acting.

I suppose it was better than Rebirth on account of not being giggle-inducingly awful. Good production values. Still awfully silly to set a game about multi-dimensional tournaments, monsters, and robot ninjas in any semblance of 'gritty reality.'
Wait, TheDarkShape, you're life doesn't include robot ninjas? Or monsters? Or multi-dimensional tournaments? Your're really missing out.
And when you phrase it like that, it really reminds me of Angel; robot ninjas in s5, monsters in every episode and multi-dimensional everything. That was based in a detective agency and had cops who fought the bad, but didn't understand it. Buffy was the same except based in a school, college and post education life. I think it's doable and I'm giddy and up to see it play out.

Doing it from the POV of Jax, Sonya and Stryker helps the audience adjust with them, it takes us in slowly as opposed to the other films and tv shows who just accepted it. This should make it easier to digest, I say *should*.
I don't recall Buffy or Angel being presented as gritty. Or having awful acting, for that matter.

Or being from the guy who directed Fame.

I know we're all s'pposed to go waggy-tongued 'cause of Maurissa, but come on. Objectively speaking, this wasn't good.

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Angel was started as gritty noir story telling if I recall correctly, it changed pace, sure, but that was how it began. And let's not kid ourselves, acting was not exactly always top-notch.
The directors previous works shouldn't reflect on this, everyone has to start somewhere.
No one has fallen overly in love with this as you can see from other posts, but we're waiting for more than 10 mins to write it off as a failure. And other than the mention that Maurissa will guest in an episode she hasn't been mentioned.
Objectively speaking, this may not be great, but it's far from bad.
It has predominantly bad acting. It has cheesy dialogue. It's not particularly exciting. The one fight scene presented is slow and uninteresting.

How, pre tell, is that not bad?

I'm not arguing that it's some sort of black mark on the record of film. But nothing in this worked in my eyes, other than Jeri Ryan managing something resembling a performance.
It's *not* bad cause I disagree with you on every point. Sure the dialogue wasn't earth shattering. The fight wasn't what we saw in rebirth and the acting was typical of your average cop proceedural, but what were you expecting?
The fight scene was nice and technical with a minimalist approach that was more real than wire-fu.
As someone said above, this is Mortal Kombat, we want the cheesy "finish him" "kill them all" lines. It's why we love the games, watched Wes Anderson's version and the TV show. This is a webseries, not Gone with the Wind.
And i actually thought that Jeri Ryan, for her brief moments on screen, was really poorly cast. The men were pretty much spot on, but she's not Sonya Blade.
I liked it, The Dark Shape. The opener with the police guys, fun.
I liked it. Not so sure of the casting for Sonya or Jax and all the slo-mo was a bit much. I'll watch the rest though, it'll be fun to see.

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