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April 12 2011

(SPOILER) State of the Cabin in the Woods. Popmatters Spotlight: Joss Whedon continues with a Cabin Report.

Nothing new, but a good summary, for the most part. Mild spoilers if you know very little about the movie's premise.

There is one little error that stood out for me - Avatar wasn't released until December '09 and The Cabin in the Woods "3D conversion" story broke at least by October '09, so that kinda debunks the idea that it was Avatar's later huge commercial success that prompted the conversion (or conversion story, depending on whether or not it was mostly a cover for MGM's lack of funds).

I disagree completely the angle that it's destined to fail. It's actually the most marketable thing Joss has done since Buffy The Vampire Slayer. If they play the promos right, I imagine this making some people a lot of money. It's pretty much the biggest, badassest Halloween flick you've never seen.
In case you don't read the comments over there: A couple comments, one a correction. The original release date was October 23, 2009. It was moved to February 4, 2010 to move it away from one of the Saw movies. Then, as stated, it was moved to January 14, 2011, in order to do the 3D conversion. And, as to that, it never was converted. So if anyone at MGM or a potential distributor still thinks thatís a good idea (it isnít), they will have to pay for it.
And don't forget to Enter the cabin. Over 2,000 others have so far.
I think that this is Joss's most marketable work to date and will most definitely connect with a major audience (too bad it probably won't be marketed correctly). I think sticking with the original 2-D plan will actually make the movie MORE attractive, as well. 3-D is getting a bad rap nowadays. The idea of converting a movie to 3D really doesn't sound appealing to me (I have never seen a converted movie).

But this article really didn't tell me anything new or give me hope...
Humorous horror films are my favorite sub-genre, and I'm totally dying for this film to come out. In the meantime while we're still waiting, I highly recommend renting Slither, a truly hilarious monster movie staring Whedonverse alum Nathan Fillion.
This article was written a while ago, yes? I think it wasn't a news piece.

My only bits of news are the movie isn't on the release schedule distributors share in the UK for 2011 or 2012 any more, and there's currently 6 international distributors lined up elsewhere in the world who want to release it (but have to wait on the MGM situation to clear up before they can). So far, Australia doesn't appear to have anybody releasing it.

My vision of the movie release is this: it goes direct-to-cinema, and it's in 2D'o'vision.

PS: movie is more horror than humour.

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Can no one release a trailer? I mean, the posters drew a fair bit of buzz at when they were released so a trailer lasting one or two minutes would be mindblowing.

edit: I guess I'm hoping for the illegal.

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Geez I can remember hearing about the year-delay due to the 3D conversion and now its 15 months later. When did THAT happen?
Well, gossi, the article is dated April 12, 2011, and it doesn't appear to be that faux dating - you know, the kind that shows the date posted as whatever date you visit the site.

The internal evidence on when it was written doesn't seem definitive - certainly after the MGM re-organization, but other than that, it's hard to tell - certainly it's not a news piece.

And I should have mentioned - yeah, I don't agree with its contention that it's likely to "be ignored by general audiences" - from what I can tell, it could well put asses in seats.

And also, as I lose no opportunity of writing, I think these ever-so-slighty spoilery crew tees would be guaranteed fan-pleasers.

If anyone at MGM can hear me, and has the rights to that art, you might consider making some $$ selling 'em. If you like money. Many do.
I actually saw somebody at Comic-Con 2010 wearing one of those tees outside the Spartacus panel. I literally stopped in my tracks and walked backwards to check I wasn't imagining it. Then the dude looked at me funny. You know, rightly so.
Geez I can remember hearing about the year-delay due to the 3D conversion and now its 15 months later. When did THAT happen?

Fifteen months ago? ;)
Sigh. I want to see this movie so badly. The trials and tribulations of being a Joss Whedon fan.
I also disagree about the box office flop part. It's true that horror/comedy is a tough sell, but Cabin (at least in script form), was much closer to something like Scream, in that it was mostly an intense, scary story, that at the same time contained some humor and genre commentary.

In other words, it's a world away from your standard midnight movie Evil Dead/Slither/Dead Snow/Black Sheep, campy-fun-type thing. Even when it's funny (and there are some very funny moments), there's always an underlying feeling of tension and fear. With the right marketing/release date, the star of Thor in the lead and the writer of Cloverfield at the helm, I could easily see it making 40-60 million, and would say it has the potential to become a Scream-like 100 million dollar hit.

Keep in mind critics tend to like any horror movie that breaks with formula, so it would probably get better reviews than your Saws and Paranormal Activities, which would attract curious older viewers who maybe wouldn't normally go to horror films.

And yet Cabin can have its cake and eat it too, because while it's commenting on horror films, it's also going through the tropes, giving us all the young, sexy teen action and violent death that brings in the kids (which means it shouldn't have the same fate as something like Let Me In, which was too artful to resonate with mainstream teens).

Basically, release it already.
As editor let me share a couple of things that might help people understand the purpose of the piece.

First, it was part of some sixty essays that I had to edit, so we had to have all the essays submitted some time in advance. This was written in early March, and there have been some developments since then.

This was a Joss Whedon 101 piece, and that is pretty much how it sounds: it introduces something to those who might otherwise have no idea what it is about.

As editor of the event I had some mixed feelings about doing pieces on both CABIN and THE AVENGERS, since no one has seen either and therefore the reporting can be only very general. But I thought it important to at least make a nod towards both. After all, these are both potentially major additions to Joss Whedon's output. I wouldn't have minded a piece on the Comicon documentary, but I'm not sure how much anyone could say about it except to say who Spurlock is and that Joss was executive producer.

As far as how popular this might be I'll confess that I have no opinion. I have a total tin ear where horror is concerned, and while I'll definitely see this, horror is generally the one genre I avoid like the plague. I hope it does well. I hope that it is instantly recognized as a horror masterpiece and that it introduces hosts of people to Drew Goddard and Joss Whedon.

Just an aside: in preparing the Whedon Spotlight we tried to set up several interviews. The one interview I really, really wanted (aside from Joss himself) was Chris Hemsworth. I feel that he is destined to be a really identifiable part of the Whedonverse group of actors because of being in two Joss movies. But alas, his publicist did not respond.
Chris is basically on the path to A list fame methinks, so I can imagine his publicist (and himself) being veeeeeeeeery busy right now. One day, Njal.

(As for the Comic-Con documentary - I recorded for it. I had to wear make up. I made jokes. And a man dressed as the vampire in the Mutant Enemy logo came up to me. It was a weird experience).
season 7 is considered lackluster??
Oh how I wish they'd just slap a release date on this already.

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