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April 12 2011

The Power of Fandom in the Whedonverse. PopMatters delves into an analysis of the activities and achievements of the Whedon fandom, with a focus on Whedonesque and Fans4Writers.

Very good analysis. But The Bronze and the Bronze Beta should have been included.
If you'd like to read some critical remarks about this article - which in my opinion covered a lot of important ground, but still had some problems - check out ellievhall's tweets to the writer jackmilson - she pretty much nailed any issues I'd noticed - and more.

With one addition - I'd also have to say that - which as you may remember began here on WHEDONesque - wasn't an outgrowth of just the Browncoats/Firefly/Serenity fandom in particular, but was instead pretty much composed of Whedonites in general.

ETF: a thing.

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Thanks for posting those links, QuoterGal.

ps-I agree. She nailed everything I noticed while reading.

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Thanks for the links, QuoterGal!
Maybe this is a stupid question, but are we really that niche a market? I can't think of anyone I know who hasn't watched at least one episode of Buffy (maybe that was due to its BBC airing in the UK) and I know really quite a lot of people who who call themselves fans and I don't actively involve myself in fandom IRL.

If people stopped thinking of Firefly as a sci-fi and pushing it onto sci-fi channels and late night slots would more people watch it? Is sci-fi even that niche? I mean a number of sci-fi shows and films have transcended genre, why shouldn't Whedon's shows if given the right timeslot?
Thanks for the comments guys.

Firstly I didn't intend the article to be examination of fandom. Its an adapted version of my final year dissertaion for University last year. My title was; "It's About Power' Joss Whedon, his work, his fans, the industry and new media.' It was more an examination of how new media is affecting the television and film industry.

The Bronze is mentioned in my dissertation, I cut it for length in this article, maybe that was wrong? On the subject of The Bronze a dvd documentary IRL: In Real Life was of great help, I recommened it to anyone interested on fandom.

The Fans4Writers complaint is one I agree with, it wasn't intended to read like that but somewhere during editing it down and it being edited by Popmatters, the framing of that point lost its way a little.

If I get chance I'll post some references for some of the points people had qualms about. With it being an academic paper originally, I have sources and quotes to support most what im saying.

Again thanks for all the comments and critiques, its great! Anything to help me improve the work incase I use it for anything else at a later date is great! :)
MilsonJ0, is there any chance that your full dissertation is available online anywhere? I'd be quite interested in reading it.
Not the at the moment sorry. I thinking about submitting it to Slayage in the future but the format of the essay will need editting so I'm not sure when that will be, hopefully soon :)

I'm thinking about posting me bibliography on here if anyone interested?
Thanks for the links QG, nice bit of nostalgia there, re. the beginning of fans4writers. It's nice to have a chronicle of it all starting with "We're taking collections to send pizza to the strike line."

And thanks MilsonJo for posting. :)

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