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April 12 2011

(SPOILER) Slayalive interview with Georges Jeanty at WonderCon. It was conducted over Wonder Con weekend and has some nice little nuggets.

Some more info on the upcoming Spike online short.

Great interview. Who knew what race he was?! That was interesting. I liked that he was jealous of the Angel and Faith(A&F, or is that just too copyrighted?) series and he showed some Faith love. Getting more excited for both by the minute.
@BlueSkies: If you look up photos of the man, you'll see that he isn't Caucasian. ;)
However, I think he once mentioned that his name was French, but nobody ever uses the "correct" pronunciation.
I've always pronounced his name as Jorje Zhe-ahn-ty. But then I hear people in interviews saying "Jor-jes" and it gets confusing.

Then again, Anglicized pronounciation is common. My last name is Swedish, but it's pronounced differently in America.
Well first time I saw his name I completely missed the s at the end and thought he was George Jeanty(gene-tea) cause it just seemed like it should be English. But on further inspection I saw the s and just gave up. But a good google of the man will indeed prove that he is of non-caucasian origin. Thanks for that. Names are quite tricky, love having foreigners give a go at mine, it's often confused for a man's name, despite being a distincty Irish female name.
I don't think he uses the "correct" pronunciation himself. He told me that he was really confused when people were using the correct pronunciation when he was in France.
I can identify with that. My Chinese name has never been used correctly by anyone in my family, least of all my extremely Westernized immediate family.
Over in the US, it's become even more Anglicized, and I occasionally catch myself saying my last name with the American pronunciation.

On a more related note, I'm dying to see what happens to the Vagina Monster!

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