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April 13 2011

Julie Benz visits Patrick. Patrick is a pit puppy that was abused in Newark New Jersey. Julie came to visit him. Photos of her visit are not posted yet but will be posted soon.

Patrick was starved, then stuffed into a garbage bag and thrown into the garbage. Garbage workers saw the bag move a bit and opened it to find the starved pup, barely alive. I believe Julie supports the Humane Society (she certianly has been following Patrick's story, as have I)

Poor, sweet triumphant Patrick has become a celebrity in his own right, so that's a tough audience to get these days. Ms. Benz's advocacy must be well-known with his caretakers, for her to be allowed to visit. Good on her. Will look forward to pictures -- haven't seen an update on his condition in several days.

By the by, Newark's Mayor is raising money to build a state of the art shelter in honor of Patrick and others like him and we were pleased to join his cause.
I see stories like this all the time on the series of shows called Animal Cops. There are different series for different cities, and it follows Humane Society officers who rescue abused animals and try to gather evidence to prosecute the abusers. I looked at the pictures of Patrick when they first found him and am so sorry to say that I've seen very similar stories on Animal Cops. I'm glad this story is getting a lot of media attention and that it has inspired the Mayor to build a new shelter. I'm so happy Patrick is alive, because a lot of times the animals they try to rescue die en route to the hospital.
I'm so excited - for selfish reasons actually. After years of being a Whedonesque member this is my first post. I never find anything first, Whedon fans are on the look out all the time for items of interest and I am too slow, but I have been following Patrick (and the other little pittie that was impaled in Newark) and when I saw Julie had visited I thought "this is post worthy". I have always liked Julie. The fact that she made the effort to go see this little pup makes me like her even more.

I got one of my pits from the NJ Humane Society.
Julie has posted pics on her
Twitter page.
Here's one.

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Congrats, Passion, and thanks so much for sharing this story!
Patrick is an awesome name for a dog. But it feels like one would have to get two more and name them Harris & Neil... ;)
Yay for puppy rescue! I really don't understand people who could be so horrible to animals.
resa - thanks for the twitter pics. Patrick is looking good. Julie always looks good!

NYPinta - I am right there with you - I don't understand how someone can do this to any animal. At least in the end Patrick will have a good home, with over 1,000 potential adopters to choose from (per Julie's Twitter page), the Humane Society should be able to find him a great forever home.
Awwwwwww...hugs to Julie and to sweet little Patrick.
I am so glad this story, no matter how horrific, will bring much needed attention to the plight of abused animals all over the world.
It makes me sick that any animals are treated like this poor innocent puppy was and I pray this story has a very happy ending.

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