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April 13 2011

Jayne's "Fighting Elves" T-Shirt now for sale at ThinkGeek! This shiny new shirt was seen on the Hero of Canton in "Safe," "Out of Gas," and "War Stories."

From ThinkGeek:
"Pretty cunning, dontcha think?

We don't know what position 28 held for the Fighting Elves, but he or she was good. Heck, we don't even know what sport we're talking about. But it IS Jayne wearing the shirt, so we think it's safe to assume it's some sport where blood is shed. Rugby? Roller Derby? Full-Contact Zero-G Parcheesi? All we know is that the Fighting Elves' number 28 kicked some serious tookus."

I bought one of these about three years ago.
Well it couldn't have been from ThinkGeek cos this has only just been posted.

(do they have a UK branch yet ? Probably just as well if they don't really, the shipping/exchange rate issue is all that's standing between me and wasting a whole load of cash on techytat and T-shirts that're really clever because they're in binary)
I think I bought mine from Out To The Black a zillion years ago. Still looks good too.
I got mine from either Hot Stuff or Stylin' Online, these shirts have been in production at various places pretty much continuously since the movie. ;) Isn't QMx doing one now too?

I'm pretty sure the 28 is the unit's number, not a person's number. I've always imagined the 28th "Fighting Elves" whatever-it-is was a mercenary unit or something along those lines since Jayne was never in the army per se.
The QMx Persephone Travel Poster depicts the Fighting Elves as a Sports Club of some kind.
That would make 28 a player's #, and it's likely the QMx tee is what Think Geek is peddling.
Yep, this is the QMx shirt as far as I know. They wholesale to a variety of online vendors. Also, the only other previous versions were all fan-made (again, as far as I know). So probably not found in any stores.
With delivery to the UK of $23 - $28 depending on service, I think i'll be giving it a miss!
I recently got three shirts shipped to the UK from them. You obviously have to pay for customs too. As much as I love my Captain Hammer shirt, the money does make me feel a bit sick. It just makes no sense to me, I can buy an independently produced tee for next to nothing from America but when going from places like TG or any TV store, it's an awfully high shipping price. NBC's is unbelievable.
Something worth remembering is that you don't pay customs on packages valued at 18 or less so in some cases it actually makes sense to order individual items from abroad separately.

But yep, we often get absolutely rinsed on shipping/VAT. Rip-off Britain, 'twas ever thus.
Mine wasn't fan made.

And I didn't pay that much shipping.

Those were the days!
I expect the shipping was cheaper because kids respected their elders and this was all fields back then.
No, I think it was because America was still a colony.

I mean y'know, officially.
cabri wrote:
I'm pretty sure the 28 is the unit's number, not a person's number. I've always imagined the 28th "Fighting Elves" whatever-it-is was a mercenary unit or something along those lines since Jayne was never in the army per se.

I think it's just supposed to be a shirt Jayne bought (or stole). What the costume department was thinking with "fighting elves" is unknown.

The "fighting elves" translation didn't even become canon until the 2nd FF companion came out in 2007 (p. 15). Before that it was just what I was claiming most likely on my Firefly-Serenity Chinese Pinyinary site for three years, and other people started using the back translation in their design descriptions. Shawna Trpcic may have just adopted the translation because it was in the ether. The costume department could have meant "militant elves" or "the elves that combat," or the Fox-library translator may have taken liberties with the English-to-Chinese translation.

Anyway, it says "zhan4dou4 de5 xiao3jing1ling2," or in Firefly respelling: jan-doh duh shao jing-ling.

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@Saje Yeah, but in those days you had to walk to school in the snow year-round--uphill both ways.
Got mine a few years back from Blue Sun Shirts (IIRC) just about the time they got the cease-and-desist from FOX. I also have a "Trouble Maker" tee that I like better than the version Think Geek sells. I don't wear them too often-- want to keep them pretty-- but I'm very fond of them.

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