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April 13 2011

Happy International Sarah Michelle Day! On April 14 we celebrate the 34th anniversary of the birth of a strong woman character actor. And it makes her happy if you donate to CARE in her name.

YAY! Well a very happy birthday to her. Thanks for the Care link!
Happy Birthday, Sarah! I hope and the fam have a great day!
Happy birthday, Sarah! ♥

i still say that was her in dr horrible ok maybe not

I still say that, too. ;-)

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Happy Birthday Sarah!
Happy Birthday! All the best in health and happiness in the new year. I hope Ringer gets picked up.
It's also my birthday, which made me brag a lot in my teenage years for sharing it with her.
Many happy returns!
Happy birthday to you, too, danielgm86!
Joyeux Anniversaire Sarah !!!!!

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It's nice to know that my granddaughter shares a birthday with such a gifted and wonderful actress. Happy Bday Sarah, enjoy your day!
Happy birthday, Sarah! Thanks for your incredible work in BtVS.
Happy Birthday Sarah!
Ooh Zap2it have a nice wee dedication to her, check it out...

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