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April 13 2011

Free comics from Dark Horse Digital Comics Store. To promote the upcoming digital store, Dark Horse will be giving away a selection of free comics to people who sign up for the Dark Horse Digital newsletter (including Fray #1).

Everyone who signs up will also get a chance to win an an iPAD 2 and $100 Dark Horse Digital store credit. Nifty!

Any Whedon-y ones?
Fray is the Whedon comic based on the future slayer.
And if there're free comics...there's me! Thanks for the link!
I signed up, because I wanted "Fray", and got confirmed, etc., and maybe I'm clueless, but I don't see how or where to download free comics at this point.

I do see a goal-o-meter for sign-ups, with wee covers of comics on either side, w/ one comic only partially filled in w/ color, and the slogan "More Sign-ups = More Free Comics" - so it looks to me as if there's no free comics until they hit a certain goal of sign-ups.

Which, you know, it's fine, I don't feel particularly entitled to free comics, but if it is the case, it's not what the label on the tin says, as noted above.

In that case, it should say something like: "Dark Horse will eventually be giving away a selection of free comics to people who sign up for the Dark Horse Digital newsletter - when they get enough people signed up."

Unless I'm missing something...
Yup, QuoterGal, that does seem to be the issue with this. But I think I can kinda see the point, they don't want to give out the merchandise without having a back up of followers who'll pay for more. But the link could be more clear in this regard.
Quotergal, the upcoming release of the digital store hasn't happened yet -- can't get a product that hasn't been released yet. This is essentially like signing up for the newsletter to show support and getting a free gift bag when the store eventually opens. :)

Mods, feel free to edit as needed. I figured people would read the site and get the gist of the specifics. I'm personally more excited about the digital store than the free stuff.

[ edited by Emmie on 2011-04-14 03:53 ]
only North Americans are eligible for the contest (ipad2 + store credit). I hope this doesn't hint to regional restrictions for the store as well, because I've been looking forward to buy DH comics online.
nyrk, you can already get Fray on itunes. Although I can't remember which account I used for that. But I'm sure they wouldn't limit themselves...that would be silly!
Emmie: ...can't get a product that hasn't been released yet.

Emmie, it didn't seem clear to me that "Fray", for instance, which has been available to iPhone/iPad users from Dark Horse on iTunes since October of last year would be a product that "hasn't been released yet" - and the site says only "our new digital store" - not "our upcoming digital store with products not yet released."

Not to quibble, but I found "the gist of the specifics" completely un-obvious both in the post and on the site itself.
@BlueSkies I know, I already got some of their comics via the app store, free and purchased too (the Guild ones, for instance). But those come as self-contained apps, this digital store looks to be something different (at least it sounds so to me :)). I agree restrictions are unlikely, but until confirmation I won't rule it completely out. I mean, there's a ton of online services and shops that don't let me spend my money or are selective of what goods I can buy from them. Fiends ;p

My understanding is there's an upcoming digital store, there's a newsletter to keep in the loop, sign up for the newsletter and in the future there'll be free comics. I figure the specifics will be related in future via the newsletter I'm now getting.

It seems like a great way to be kept in the loop while also being entered into a sweepstakes without having to buy CDs for $0.99 or buy one DVD get one free.

Basically, sign up for an email newsletter (which is hardly much of a commitment nowadays, I have half a dozen email accounts) and you'll have the opportunity for free stuff. Sorry, it just doesn't seem like a big deal to me so I don't quite understand the cause for complaint.
No biggy - just accuracy and thoroughness. I'm a big fan of both.
It could be clearer, yeah. The comments here have clarified for me, anyway. And in terms of PR strategies I prefer an email signup to "RT to win!" stuff on Twitter, that is my extra special social media pet peeve.
Here's an entry from Dark Horse's blog explaining things a bit better.

Meanwhile another link explaining the new store. In the past as far as I am aware all of Dark Horse's digital comics have all been individual apps. Now Dark Horse is apparently going to change that with one app that deals with multiple issues. It was supposed to come out in January, but was delayed.

Interesting thing is that Dark Horse are still trying to avoid the Apple AppStore by having users buy comics through the website. This is so that Dark Horse doesn't have to share 30% of their profits with Apple. However, as far as I am aware Apple have stopped approving apps that allow that, as Apple wants their cut. So I guess we will have to wait and see what happens.

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