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April 13 2011

Open invitation to NYCers to point out mistakes. This writer uses a still of Spike on an NYC subway to invite NYC lovers to find mistakes in the portrayal of the city.

Fun! Never noticed the subway cars were incorrect in this scene...too distracted by the fabulosity of the episode, I suppose. Then again I probably wasn't even born when this ep took place never mind riding the subway. What do I know, maybe the seats could've been like that?
Well I hope we'll find out soon enough. But I can't imagine anyone could go too far wrong with a train interior. Most are probably still inservice and unchanged from that era!
This is really funny. Scroll through the comments, there are lots of mistakes -- handles are missing, lights are working, ad is wrong, seats facing the wrong direction,and door might be too current.

Was there a campaign to clean up Central Park in the 70s? I thought that happened after the jogging attacks.

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The door comments made me smile. *Peter Cook/E L Wisty voice* "No, no, no, the R160 didn't come into service until the H19 sprockle jocker was phased out in the spring of '78, you're thinking of the R160A, another excellent door" - good to see that trainspotting isn't a uniquely British form of weirdness ;).
My NYC-local girlfriend and I were living in the city when the episode aired, and we were surprised how much they got right. The car set looks like an R44 (built in the '70s, but with 1990s appearance as we rode at the time), dressed down on the cheap with trash and graffiti. But we would also infer that Nikki lived in the projects in Bed-Stuy, and Spike probably kills her on the express line in Queens, where there's a scary amount of time between stations and the overhead lights always did seem to cut out.
Aurec for the win! Thanks for that update...

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