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April 14 2011

Great cover of "I'll be Mrs" from Selfless. I just saw this and thought I would share it here. It's one of these great fan covers. And damn Joss is good at writing songs !

What a beautiful voice!
I feel like this song, along with Anya's speech in The Body, really epitomizes Anya's character. I think this is one of the most moving moments in all of BtVS. This is a great cover.
I'm always skeptical about youtube cover, but this one is really good!
What a voice! Wow. :-D Great cover.
It was wonderful - I love this song, it is actually my favorite of all the Joss Whedon music from the series.
It's weird, I remember, back when I watched "Selfless" when it aired, comparing it to "Fool for Love" and finding it lacking. In particular, I remember not being especially moved by the song. Which is not to say I disliked the episode! I just didn't love it. And I more appreciated them dipping back into "Once More, With Feeling," rather than actually loving it on its own.

However, after listening to this cover, I think it might be about time for a re-watch, since I haven't seen the episode since it originally aired, and I reckon I probably didn't give it enough of a chance back then.

Which is to say wonderful cover.
Great cover. And this reminds me - did they ever release an uninterrupted audio file for this song? It's a shame that the OMWF soundtrack was probably released well before season seven, so they wouldn't have known to wait for this song, but I can't help but feel the soundtrack feels incomplete without it, since it stands up with the very best of the songs Joss wrote for OMWF. I had always hoped they would release a high quality version of the track, without it being cut off near the end (as the scene abruptedly changes in the episode), much like Under Your Spell was released on the album.
So lovely--brought out all the song's charms.
I'm always skeptical about youtube cover, but this one is really good!

You and me both, jaxn. I'm actually kind of verklempt.
I heart this girl.

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