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April 14 2011

ABC cancels All My Children and One Life to Live. Two long running soap operas that helped launch the careers of countless stars, including Sarah Michelle Gellar, Michelle Trachtenberg, and Nathan Fillion (his tweet), were cancelled today after being on the air for more than forty years.

No way! I've watched AMC on and off for nigh on 40 years. Wait. No, I'm not that old. Twenty years, only twenty :)

Seriously, though, I appreciated SMG's portrayal of Kendall long before Buffy. Nuanced, and much above the general standard of soaps.
I'm having a hard time buying this. They cancel these classic shows for two talk shows called "The Chew" and "Revolution"?


I've watched both shows my whole life. If this is true then it's very sad, indeed. I thought AMC was indestructible. NO more Erica Kane?

"The Chew" is supposed to be a cooking-type show with several chefs, including Mario Batali and Michael Symon.

I believe "The Revolution" is supposed to be a "The View"-type show.
It's true. It's all over official soap sites and many of the shows' actors have commented on twitter.

Nothing against the replacement shows, but these shows were a huge part of television history and it's a terrible loss. I've watched soaps for over fifteen years and I'm only 22. For years people said the shows didn't have long left, and finally after this I actually believe it. The soap genre is dying.
Uhm, is that a bad thing though? I mean sure they were mindless entertainment and people are gonna lose their jobs now, but aren't soaps notriously awful? At least that's the impression we get of them over here and indeed our ones are no better. I'd gladly see an end to things like Fair City and Cornation Street. They're just terrible.
But I can see the disappointment in replacing them with those kinds of shows. They're more soulless than a soap!
Soaps have a bad reputation because they write so many stories (5 days a week for forty years means a LOT of stories) and so inevitably they write things that are over the top or corny but they have also had some incredibly powerful stories. And the actors are often much better than they are given credit for as proven by many of them getting their due when they move onto shows that don't air when most people are at work, like SMG and Nathan Fillion.

I think soap operas are generally very good. They make me laugh and cry just as much as any prime-time show, usually more so, because I have spent so many years watching the characters that I can see more layers to their actions than a show that's been on a shorter amount of time.

Maybe I'm biased because admittedly, I do love soaps, but then I often find people who criticize soaps have usually never seen them.
Not mindless, BlueSkies. There was the usual sensational storyline, the groundbreaking subject matter, and the undeniable appeal of certain characters. There was continuity and history. Few genres pay homage to their history like soaps, and you would be hard-pressed to find actors who don't respect the hard work it takes from everyone to get and keep these shows running all week, every week. And I do mean every day, every week. I resent your flip, cavalier remark. And I'm sad to see them go. :(
I'm so sorry to hear this. Neither was my show (that was As the World Turns, gone last year) but I feel for the fans, the crew, the young actors who have one less place to get a start in the business and the older actors who found a place to work.

What's next - nighttime scripted drama?
A copy of the press release was posted at TVBTN:
Such a shame. I don't watch soaps (well, not since Luke & Laura the first time around ;) but they are a great training ground for young actors looking for their first break. I'd be less cranky about this if at least the new shows had decent names. I love Carla from Top Chef but I don't know if I can get past them calling it The Chew. Seriously? Oh, well, I'll probably just stick to the PBS kids' shows, so much more entertaining!
Wow. What madness.
Before Buffy for me - there was Soap Operas. My mom and I used to watch All My Children, As the World Turns and Guiding Light when I was little all the way until I left home to attend college. So sad - the end of an era.
This is really sad, though I did all my big time mourning when Guiding Light and As The World Turns went off the airwaves. Soaps have always been a great training ground for young actors. I was an SMG fan from way back when she was on AMC.
I used to watch AMC, as a guilty pleasure, when Sarah was on. I wasn't a fan of the conflict between Erica Kane and Kendall Hart -- to me it felt like way over the top soap opera writing. But, I could see there was something special about the actress who played Kendall. Somehow, even though Kendall was terribly obnoxious, you couldn't help but feel alot of sympathy for the character. Years later I started to watch BtVS in season 4. I found myself drawn to Buffy and interested enough to look up the actress who played her. To my surprise, I realized that Buffy and Kendall were played by the same actress. Sarah still has the ability to move me more than any other actress and I look forward to any character she plays.

I haven't watched AMC in years; but, I know I will miss it.
I'm not a watcher of soaps- a little in college when the Luke and Laura thing was a craze. But I do feel so badly for all the folks that work on soaps who will be without jobs now and all the fans who will miss them. :( As has been said, it's the end of a genre and era and it's sad to see them go.
Most of my favorite actors and actresses right now got their starts on soaps. Where will all the new young actors begin their careers now?
Hey, at least soap fans had DECADES of shows to watch. I'm still waiting for "Buffy, the Next Generation" and "Willow and Tara, the Continuing Saga." Something tells me I shouldn't hold my breath on those.
After reading through the topic comments, I found some clips of Sarah and Susan Lucci on YouTube. Even at 15, in somewhat over the top Soap acting mode, Sarah's talent is very apparent. Perhaps made-for-Internet soap operas will be the next wave of training grounds for young actors and employment for mature actors.

Kendall Hart at her worst

Erica reveals Kendall's heritage

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