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April 14 2011

1O most awesome married couples in science fiction and fantasy. Check out the couple at Number Two.

Wow, that's pretty high on the list. And they really were a well fleshed out pair of characters. Guess that's what made the end so tragic...
Okay, I literally just squeed aloud when I saw Phèdre and Joscelin on the list. Kushiel's Legacy are my favourite books ever, and I don't see mention of the series very often outside of specific fansites.
No John Crichton and Aeryn Sun? I would have put them #1. Of course, they only got married at the end, but they've gone on together in comics.
Crichton and Aeryn's relationship did go all to pieces at the end of S4, and they had to have The Peacekeeper Wars to put it all back together again...
Any mention of Slippery Jim is alright in my book. Aside from that the main thing that stands out is how thin/relatively unknown many of them are. Married couples are pretty thin on the ground in SF&F.

Hopefully in a couple of years lists like this will have Amy and Rory on there. T minus 8 days ;).
John and Delenn?
Belgariad mention! Hallelujah!!! I love those books!

Han and Leia ftw!!!
Amy and Rory already deserve to be there. Just saying. I mean... Roman centurion... Police costume... honeymoon... crashing? Just saying.
I love Zoe & Wash!!! I'm glad that they were recognized:)
So many people feel a happy couple isn't interesting. Chris Stasheff's Warlock novels showed it's possible, too.

I need to see Serenity, given I've finally watched Firefly (was not impressed, I amdit); I knew soemobdy bought it but had forgotten it was wash.

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