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April 15 2011

James Marsters April Q and A. This month is another video Q and A, in which he shows a scar he got from childhood among other things.

Aw, it looks like Juliet Landau just posted a comment on the Facebook thread for this video! Is it really her?
yes that is her. Love that she watches these as well.
That could be the grossest description of an injury I have ever heard. It made me cringe thinking how horrible it had to have been for a 10-year-old. One of those freak things that can happen. His extra description of exultation (the flight of birds) was icing. Nice.
Think it's specifically just larks that "exalt" in fact but I love that he knows that and it's so appropriately named. And yep, seeing bone when you cut yourself is not fun on pretty much every level (I did it as a kid on some broken glass and now have a disappointingly tiny scar on my hand to show for it).

And it's "12 Angry Men" James, obviously ;).
Oh, dear, I think I would have passed out only seeing that kind of an injury.
I think James will find that 'Kind Hearts and Coronets' is the appropriate responce. ;)

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