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April 15 2011

The Avengers shoot details confirmed. Confirms previous speculation that Cleveland, Ohio would be in the mix. Joss starts filming this month, running through to September. They will need 150 crew members in Cleveland. Other locations are New Mexico and New York.

I... want to be a crew member in NY. Baaaadly.
Currently planning a road trip to Cleveland in August.



That is, if I can find someone to go with me. Also, part of me wonders if Joss will actually go there or if it will be an assistant director, and if so, who is actually going. I would just like to see filming of anything big anyway (yay for living in Indiana) and the idea that there might be some cool actors there is a plus. Also Joss. If Joss is there being all director-y and holding up his hands to make a rectangle I want to be there to take a photo of it.
I live less than an hour from Cleveland and am going to ask a stupid question... Is there any possibility that I could be cast as an extra (you know... one of those guys way in the back doing nothing or just running through the scene)? If so, how would I find out more information on making that happen?
For LaneMeyer and anyone else interested in being an extra, here's a little more info from
I'm actually IN Cleveland and would happily host a meetup or the like if a lot of people decide to descend upon our fair city...
I wish Joss would film in Germany for once, so that I finally could be on a project IŽd actually like.
If Joss is there being all director-y and holding up his hands to make a rectangle I want to be there to take a photo of it.

This I love (the idea of following Joss around the country in the hopes of catching him making a filmic rectangle with his hands ;).

And go for it extras aspirants cos there're extras and there're extras (anyone seen 'Bronson'? Cos I sometimes play poker with the guy who smeared his face with shit about 20 minutes in - he got that just by turning up for an extra role and being tall and a bit odd looking (sorry Picko but you are ;). Yep, you too could smear yourself with shit for Joss Whedon. Don't pretend you're not considering it ;).
VeryVeryCrowded, yes Joss will be there. One doesn't shoot for a month with 150 local workers and send someone else. That said, there will be multiple units, probably just 2, but any number of splinter units could happen. So any given day there will only be one location with Joss, unless he clones himself.

Knitgrrl, tempted to offer you rent to live there for a month and work as a local...
Who's J. Whedon and does Josh Weldon know about him?
I have been to Cleveland and am pleased to report that it has a very fine art museum, equally lovely botanical garden, and authentic Cincinnati chili (with cinnamon, and over spaghetti). It also had a nice couple of blocks of bohemian coffee houses and ethnic-like restaurants way back in the 90s. Can't wait to see it leveled. (By special effects only!)

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No one's made a joke about filming on the Hellmouth? I am disappoint.
Well, whatever city Joss is currently shooting, I wish those city's residents well. However, take care you don't attract "The Gentlemen". Those guys are just the worst guest. :)
B!x, you find the weird shit.
I just squeeed a little. (in my pants).
Pointy, don't forget the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame. That crystal pyramid would look great on the big screen.

When I was there 10 years ago, I was surprised how early restaurants and bars downtown closed, unless they were right next to a (live) theater. Has that changed?

I remember a joke t-shirt in a Pittsburgh store. It said, "only sign of intelligent life in Cleveland." It was a picture of a highway sign: "Pittsburgh 90 miles".
B!x, you find the weird shit.

Caught it accidentally on the Twitter widget here. FWIW, the guy who took that shot says Joss drives a Prius.
Now, OneTeV, I can't help but see Tony Stark in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. :)
Where's the info on NY? I'll be in NY in July. I don't suppose there's a chance they'll be filming in NY then...
b!X, you find the weird shit.
All I can find is this, MP: 'THE AVENGERS will be filmed primarily in New Mexico, with production also taking place in Ohio and New York.' Seems not much will be going on in NY, though.

Shame as I will be there in august - which will be my first US trip and, rather more nerve-wreckingly, my first long, transatlantic flight - and would've loved to try to catch a glimpse of something :).
In my experience, GVH, the only thing to fear about transatlantic flights to the US is how butchered the in flight movies are.

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