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April 15 2011

(SPOILER) Dollhouse: Epitaphs #1 solicitation. It comes out July 13th. It's the first book (of 5) written by Andrew Chambliss, following the events of the one-shot written by Jed and Maurissa.

Oddly enough, the Diamond order form ( also lists a "Serenity Hc Vol 02 Better Days & Other Stories" that's missing from these solicitations. Perhaps it was delayed at the last moment?
is the one-shot the same as the one that came with she season 2 blu-ray?

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@Danielgm86 - yes and no. The one-shot's opening pages are what was bundled with the Season 2 release, but that's merely the first 1/4 of the comic. I'd recommend picking up a copy as it's not only a fun read, but is definitely setting up story-lines for the mini-series.
Alphaaaaaaaa! :D
I find it interesting that when mentioning Andrew Chambliss they mention him as writing for CW's Vampire Diaries rather than a writer of Fox's Dollhouse.

I'm sure there will be a tpb release which includes both the one-shot and the miniseries.

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