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April 17 2011

Get your River Tam & The Fireflies t-shirt. One day only, gone 24 hours from the time of this post. The design first discussed here last July is now a t-shirt.

i dont think ive purchased a teefury shirt faster!!
Debating whether to get or not.

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I've just ordered three. My only question....why is Simon playing an accordion? I'd must of missed something.
On sale for just 90 minutes so far, it's already four-pancakes hot. For context, 8 or 9 pancakes is "super popular".
That is one hilarious t-shirt. Made my day :)
Thanks for posting, wouldn't want this to get away.

In for two, actually, as it's my cream Woot Shirts that get disproportionally stained. Better to face up to the odds.
b!X, how long have you been rating in pancakes?
I don't rate in pancakes. The site rates in pancakes. It's right there on the page.

(Technically, it'd be hotcakes, as in "they're selling like..." but I never call them hotcakes.)

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Gah, I want this shirt, but I feel like I should not get it in protest of the lack of Book...dilemma.
Oops, I beg your pardon. I always seem to miss those details.
At last! A place that doesn't charge thousands just to send a t-shirt to the UK! Ordered! :)
On sale for just 90 minutes so far, it's already four-pancakes hot. For context, 8 or 9 pancakes is "super popular".

Well, it seems it's hit 8 Hotcakes as of 1147 EDT and I gotta say...awesome price!
Ordered one. I don't even like tee-shirts, and I got one. I've liked joebot's illustration since we first saw it last year, and somehow the shirt seemed all shiny and bendy. As Simon said then, it's retro awesomeness.

Still love to see someone write these songs, now - especially River's "I Swallowed a Bug".

This is what the artist had to say at the time about the absence of Shepherd Book:

"Since this was a Serenity-centric piece, Book wasn't around a whole lot in the film... and when he was on screen he ended up covered in blood, so... I left Book off of the image on purpose, not because I don't love his character, maybe he decided to try a solo career or something."

Not sure I agree - I think it could've had Book daubed with blood on it with no problem - but maybe that's just me...

(Now the only tee-shirt I still await is zeitgeist-derived, with "people who happen to like a really awesome show but totally have other interests and are not at all obsessive and creepy" on it, from 2007.)
I have a ton of Whedon-inspired shirts (The Guild is included, of course) that I don't wear too often, but I still had to get this one. I'll break it in once Comic-Con rolls around
It's a whole lot prettier than that horrid "Gavin Friday: Catholic" album cover over in the sidebar (which I actually adblock to avoid seeing)!

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