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April 18 2011

'The Philosophy of Joss Whedon' - coming out this year. According to, the book will be out in November. The publisher's blurb says it "examines Whedon's plots and characterizations to reveal their philosophical takes on the limits of personal freedom, sexual morality, radical evil, and Daoism".

Every generation produces a counterculture icon.

Huh? How is Joss a counterculture icon?
Because the publisher needed a hook to sell the book?
Is there even such a thing as counterculture anymore (unless you're literally countering culture itself) ? Seems like that assumes a degree of homogeneity for culture that no longer applies, it's not like the '60s when you could point at your parents and go "That's the culture i'm counter".

Could be interesting, it's certainly fertile ground but it'll be a library job if at all for me, just too dear (Dean Kowalski's a cool name though, he sounds like he should be a sergeant of philosophy with the 110th Fightin' Platonists rather than an associate professor).

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