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April 18 2011

Joss Whedon revisits Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. A fantastic interview at the New York Times site. Aside from the internet musical, Joss comments on that io9 poll, Wastelanders, The Avengers and whether The Cabin in The Woods will ever get released (next year?).

"Let's just say I invented television and leave it at that." Lord, I adore this man.

A great interview.

Also: "And by the way, by the time we finish it, Neil will be just as old. No, I’m not saying anything." Yay?
Hooray for a possible Cabin in the Woods Release.
Well, I for one look forward to Dr. Horrible And The Kingdom of The Crystal Skull when it comes out in 2037.
Sigh. And now it seems we know why the stage production licensing is on hold: people were doing improper things with the license. Can this fandom please stop doing that sort thing?
Love the article title. Nothing inventive, but I like it very much.

I bet I'm not the only one, that read the interview, and started hearing Joss' voice appearing while reading.
Still have mad-love for the man. :-)
I really liked that article.

In addition to the less-nice tid bit on licensing that B!x picked up on, I also noticed this bit with respect to filming Dr. H 2:

And it’s not like Neil, Nathan and Felicia ain’t busy either.

I might have missed it previously, but is this the first solid indication from the Dr. H creative team that Felicia is involved in Dr H 2?

I seem to recall that in previous interviews Whedons and associates have been vague with respect to Felicia's involvement. I kind of assumed she would be in it, but that has quite serious plot implications. I'm excited! (even if we have to wait a while).

Also, very intrigued by his whole internet micro-studio plan. I hope that eventuates at some point in the future.
"I can't control how beautiful and popular my child is. What can I do?"

Oh Joss, that made my day (night, really). Fantastic interview. It's great to hear from him again. And Numfar PTB, not only could I hear his voice, but I could also imagine his facial expressions. ;)
I also thInk it's interesting that apparently he'd started to gain some traction on people being interested in his web production studio idea but then The Avengers happened.
I want a cat named Bananatonium.

Any cat will do.
Joss's voice just leaps out of this. That man just can't manage not-witty. (Counts negatives to check they cancel out there.)

DVDs of a school show for proud parents is one thing. Making actual money out of it? Not cool.
And it’s not like Neil, Nathan and Felicia ain’t busy either.

I might have missed it previously, but is this the first solid indication from the Dr. H creative team that Felicia is involved in Dr H 2?

Zombie Day
Still has hair
Other things

Joss, I could totally write a song for the sequel! Really. Yeah.

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Serenity, Avengers, Cabin - 2012 Grindhouse Triple Feature.

And, this is the second time the stuntwork has been mentioned, yes? Interesting.
Warren Ellis sez:

What he’s talking about is WASTELANDERS. The deal is that, basically, whenever he’s ready, I’m ready. We have a shitload of notes, and chunks of script. Although I need to rewrite all of my bits because they’re terrible and I never showed them to him (not least because the poor bastard was busy enough at that point).

I always read Joss' interviews in his voice.
I liked the Dr. Horrible on Broadway speculation better. I'm going to selectively forget that part but the rest is pretty nice.
Be sure to click "The Cabin in the Woods" link in that interview if you haven't.
And, this is the second time the stuntwork has been mentioned, yes? Interesting.

Well, yes and no. It's not exactly top secret that 'The Avengers' (a blockbuster super-hero movie) is likely to feature quite a few stunts right ? ;)

Ah. The thing in “Avatar” was also in “The Core” so let us give “The Core” its credit. “Avatar” was not the first to come up with Unobtanium.

There he goes again with more blatantly pro 'The Core' propaganda ('unobtainium' is fairly old in fact, i'd imagine the film's co-screenwriter - and all round sensible fella - John Rogers may have first heard it in his previous life as a physics student). And selling DVDs of Dr. H really isn't cool (I suppose unless 100% of the proceeds were going to charity and even then, it's NOT better to ask forgiveness than permission).

Other than that, hi-larious interview, as per. That boy Joss, he sure can shoot... the shit... in a funny way.
Be sure to click "The Cabin in the Woods" link in that interview if you haven't.

Nice! I did miss that before.
I hope that once The Avengers starts filming next week(?) that set reports and pictures start floating onto the net. I keep clicking on the usual film sites hoping to see a scoop.

I haven't been this hungry for spoilers since Angel ended.

[ edited by eddy on 2011-04-18 16:11 ]
I hope they don't. Information isn't knowledge - I think people see too much information, and don't know (or can't know) how to process it. I can just imagine fans freaking out about Thor's hammer being a different colour and declaring the movie sucks, that sort of thing. One of things I loved about Dr Horrible was the publicity - people didn't know what to expect. There weren't hundreds of set photos, but people turned up anyway.
Great interview, as always. I've often thought it would be awesome to have Joss as a friend, but then I think I would just always feel so inferior and not worthy. ;-)

My favorite part was the 'improv stunts.' Would love to see The Avengers with those. It would likely lower the quality of the movie a tad, but it would be pretty funny, I'm sure.
That other Crystal Skull movie actually had the college scenes shot in New Haven. Yale University was the stand-in, for the college that Indy taught at. They put a whole 1950s fake front on the main street of New Haven (which you almost saw in the movie as the motorcycle whizzed by it for about 3 microseconds). It was very cool. People came out in the evenings just to stroll along the street and look in the fake windows.

So does this mean "Dr. Horrible And The Kingdom of The Crystal Skull" will be partly shot in New Haven?!!! Please, please, please!
Squee and more hopes of squee. That is all.
Man I'd absolutely love it if Joss had his own internet mini-studio. Best studio executive ever. Also really into anything he might do with Warren Ellis who is pretty great.
Saje, I bring it up since Joss tends to talk about things without talking about things. Wasn't there some hesitation about the size and scope of the stunts needed or something? Not that things can't be CGI'd and stuff now, it just jumped out at me.
Yeah, maybe Jaymii. It just seemed part of the "script not written" joke to me (stunts being something you emphatically can't improvise to the extent that even considering doing so is funny) but Joss only knows.
Great interview, made me happy. Isn't "wonderflonium" what the writing staff called all the maguffinonium in "Buffy," "Angel" and "Firefly"?
P.S., Jaymii, Saje I think he was making a joke about improvised stunts vs. scripted and well-reheased stunts. Nobody normally can die from improvised dialogue, no matter how bad it is. Improvised stunts, on the other hand, you never, ever, ever want to do :)
Shapenew, I think that might be flobotanum(sp?).
You know, I think Joss could read a couple pages from the phone book and make them laugh out loud hilarious. I can't think of anyone who does interviews that are half as witty.

Probably not a direction he'd want to go in, but maybe post-Avengers-ruling-the-world when he can bounce around and do whatever projects he wants, he could executive produce a t.v. comedy. I'll bet it would kill.
@Shapenew and digupherbones - I think it's phlebotinum. TvTropes mentions the Whedonverse origins in the description.
Yeah, it was phlebotinum, coined by the Buffy writers, if I recall - which is, or is incorporated into, the names of at least several WHEDONesque members.

Numfar PTB, I always hear Joss' interviews in his voice - like a number of my favorite peeps (David Sedaris, Garrison Keillor, etc.) it's just better for me that way.

"There are other song sheets with many scribble-outs."

I was somehow relieved to hear this. ; >

Good interview - best and most comprehensive in a long time...
The worries about stunts in THE AVENGERS currently doing the rounds online on comic book fan sites stems from a comment on Whedonesque Comic Book News picked up on, wherein a Whedonesque member said they'd spoken to somebody who spoke to Joss who said they had stunt issues. That comment got told to somebody who told it somebody else who told it to Whedonesque who didn't tell it to a comic book site who put their own spin on it now other sites are putting their spin on it, now it's feeding back into Whedonesque as there's stunt issues.

Remember how I said there's too much information and we can't process it? This is what I'm on about. Joss helped direct that River fight scene in Serenity. And, yeah, this little show I like to call Buffy The Vampire Slayer. In all seriousness - it is just all part of the movie process and I get that. Everybody wants to know EVERYTHING. But how much do you need to actually know about how the stunts are progressing with THE AVENGERS? Basically, nothing. You'll find out when the movie opens. Tenner bet nobody will remember then.
I am at this point looking forward to the Avengers, but when it was first announced, around the time I first heard that he was working on something with Warren Ellis, one of my favorite comic authors...

I would *gladly* give up the Avengers for Wastelanders, Horrible 2 and/or Goners (or in an ideal world, more Firefly. And a house made of gummi bears). My hope is that the Avengers will make all of the money ever, and Mr. Whedon can go on to do more interesting and original stuff.
Really narse? You'd give up Avengers for a gummi bears house?

What, gingerbread isn't good enough for you?
Preach it, gossi! We need to know less about this movie. Not more.
Ironically, I think I only knew about it because of gossi linking it on Twitter. Hah.
Great twitpic for Cabin. Thanks for suggesting the link b!X.
Ironically, I think I only knew about it because of gossi linking it on Twitter. Hah.

And I only heard about it from you Jaymii. Spreading through non-spreading. Very zen.
Hold on, wait a second. Did I just hear that Joss is giving up working on the Avengers to live in a gummi bear house? The world must know!

Tomorrow's headline: Film Director Values Confectionery Home Over Wishes of Fans.

(PS. I love every Joss interview. He is so much fun to read.)
Personally I think worrying about minute production details based on internet commentary is about as useful as expecting fans not to scry the digital landscape for any information they can get. It's just how it's going to go. I expect Marvel's PR machine is up for it when the talk gets into anything more substantial.
Jaymii (by the way - great name), I tweeted it saying peeps need to be a little careful what they say on Whedonesque when it's based on conversations with peeps involved in the movie, is all. Clearly by saying that I fed into the information cycle myself, but hey.

Marvel have good PR guns which should be able to drown out the noise later on
anyway. But this is certainly going to be one with a huuuge amount of speculation over the next year. It's gonna be interesting, I don't think Whedonesque has seen something quite to this scale before.
Joss's incessant quippiness still charms me, thank god. The man just can't shut off his jokemaker. Good thing too.

Avengers will be...a big Marvel comic book movie with a great writer/director. Let's not go in expecting Serenity 2 Starring Robert Downey Jr. here...
Maybe it's wonderphlebotinonium :)
"Let's not go in expecting Serenity 2 Starring Robert Downey Jr. here... "
Too late. You can't break my spirit!! I demand RDJ to pilot the Serenity in place of Wash. He must also only play himself, not Iron Man or someother concoction. I want Robert Downey Jr as pilot along side Mal, possibly wooing Kaylee in the process. This in turn will lead to Simon becoming more assertive. It may lead to a huge battle with River. Possibly with ninjas. There should always be ninjas, you can never have enough. But yes, I believe that's what they're shooting and referring to as "The Avengers".
It was David Greenwalt who coined the term "phlebotinum", if I recall.
I always thought that too, electricspacegirl. But then I started hearing it in a lot of other places and wasn't sure. Does anybody have the scoop on the word 'phlebotinum?'
RDJ has auteur loyalty right? Like I honestly have no idea if those rumors came true but I heard the writer/director of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was up for Iron Man 3.

Assuming RDJ and Joss get along well, and he's feeling nostalgic for the Singing Detective... That means we get Serenity's Sing-a-long Slog Stage Spectacular featuring RDJ and the Runaways? Or something like that right? (Ideally both the comic and the band.)

Anyway, as that article goes, considering how much people tease the NYT for their stylebook and seemingly archaic dedication to it, there were a lot of fun hyperlinks as goofy footnotes. Despite it's infamy it never occurred to me Cop Rock would still exist in any form other than demagnetized VHS tapes.
Shane Black is indeed directing Iron Man 3, orangewaxlion. Not writing it, though, curiously.
And now I'm imagining the Serenity crew all desperately hanging on to Iron Man as he flies. I'm sure that's not what y'all meant.

[ edited by Craig Oxbrow on 2011-04-19 16:43 ]
That Joss. He's a funny guy.
Craig Oxbrow, that's exactly what we meant. After the ship gets banged up by Mal and River arguing over who takes control at the end of Serenity, Iron Man comes in and swoops them away. Then they repair it and he starts to pilot it as Wash's replacment. Because, RDJ IS Iron Man, he places a rich, drunk billionaire in the films, but he actually IS Iron Man...ahem.
Always a joy to "hear" Joss's voice, something I've always just assumed we all do, in print interviews.

I agree with a couple of comments along the lines of "hope this is the biggest hit ever, so Joss will have the freedom to move on to something else original, next". Not just because superhero movies aren't exactly my favorite genre (or sub-genre) but because Joss does original better than anyone.
Le sigh. Really wish they would just leave Doc Horrible alone. Yay to all the other stuff.
Oh my. First person I've heard who doesn't want more Horrible, buffyfest.
I love Joss interviews. More Joss, please. I've got a fever and the only cure is more Joss!
buffyfest: Le sigh. Really wish they would just leave Doc Horrible alone. Yay to all the other stuff.

Curious. Is that because Doctor Horrible is a fully-formed diamond that needs nothing added to its perfection, or because you didn't care for it?

; >

Sign me,
Just Wondering in WeHo
I know, gossi, QuoterGal...I definitely have an unpopular opinion on the matter. But to answer your question, QG - I guess I obsess pretty hardcore over Dr. Horrible. Think I might love it even more than Buffy which always boggles the bloggers over at the 'fest. So to answer your question, A. The diamond metaphor.

However, I have faith in Joss so I may come around to part duex. :)
That's good to know, buffyfest - I'm glad to hear it. It's right up there w/ my favorites, too, and I imagine he's just as anxious as any of us that they create another multi-faceted gem. Whenever it happens is just fine with me, though - they can take their time.

And I think I might have become even fonder of the songs in "Commentary! The Musical" than of the original Doc Horrible music - although that's a very tough and close call, subject to the vagaries of my moods...

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