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"Believe me, I've had my hands around a few."
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April 18 2011

30 Science Fiction and Fantasy Movies That Could Rock Your Summer. Includes a somewhat unexpected appearance by our favourite evil genius.

"Maggie "Nikita" Q slices a guy into tiny pieces while riding on a motorcycle"
And with that you can find me watching Priest. Slicing suggests sword, woman wielding a sword, motorcycles. And that's my criteria for a summer film. Or an anytime film.

Don't forget, Joss had a hand in the writing of Captain America. So we got that and the smurfs to look to.
Yeah from the trailer 'Priest' could be fun hokum (what is it with Paul Bettany and religion, is he trying to tell us something ?). Could be total arse too of course, also from the trailer.

Usual io9 redirect shenanigans but some potentially good stuff on there and also 'Transformers 3' (never heard of 'The Big Bang' but noir and cosmology ? Is there a way to be more there ? No, the answer is no).

(it's only 28 films now though. Which makes me curious about the 2 I might be missing out on)

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