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April 19 2011

Sarah Thompson on her Bollywood life. She also talks about the Internet hatred regarding her character on Angel.

That's awful! I can't believe people didn't like Eve, I thought she was awesome!
Glad she's doing so well now and I'm not gonna lie, Babysitter Wanted is one of guilty pleasures when it comes to corny horror! It's what House of the Devil should have been!
What the hell! Eve was one of the (many) highlights of Angel season five. A great, and horrible, character whom Thompson played perfectly. A shame some seem to have personalised their feelings about her. People know this is all made up stuff, right?
Frankly, there are fans who dislike every major character and every major recurring character in some way.

But the characters of Eve, Riley and Kennedy are especially hated on.
Thanks for the link. Raajneeti was a very good film, and I was really excited to see her in it. Worlds collide!
To place it all in context, the rebooting of the show, axing of several popular characters and bringing in a Buffy character did piss off a lot of die-hard Angel fans. I think that Sarah's character unfortunately became the lightning-rod for a lot of the fan anger.
Cordy was the only major change. I mean it's not like everyone was sad to see Connor go. Spike coming in I understand the pissed offedness. But Eve was just delightful. Was it because she was replacing Lilah? I did miss Lilah.
Actually there were quite a lot of fans at the time who liked Conor but it was the vocal element who drowned them out. And don't forget that the whole dynamic of the show had changed too. No more private detective, no more Hyperion. As much as I like Season 5, it never really gels with the previous seasons for me. And Spike wasn't really a problem, it was more that a Buffy character was being imposed upon the show. Not that many online Angel fans watched Buffy after all. They were two distinct fanbases at the time. And also Spike was being forced on them by Joss, someone who the Angel fans never thought had much time for or input into the show.
I saw quite a lot of people who didn't like Connor too.

I do think some people confuse actors and characters, and when that happens it can be not-greatmaking.
Yeah their feelings for the character spill over (in fairness that cuts both ways though - the players of well-liked characters benefit). I disliked Eve as a person (like we were meant to) but the character was great and Sarah Thompson played her really nicely, struck a great balance (and her butter-wouldn't-melt good looks added to the part).
I admit that I thought that Eve wasn't a great character (It's been a few years since I've seen it and I might change my mind on a rewatch. I've changed my mind about characters before). I've never said anything mean about it and I always cringe when people say terrible things about actors based on the characters that they play. I don't think Sarah Thompson is a bad actor. It's just that Eve never seemed real to me. For some reason, the character just never clicked with me.
Just because you dislike a character it does not mean you are projecting that onto the actor. People are not going to like every character. Any actor who's feelings get hurt by that should take a step back and realize that if people aren't passionate about the character and are completly indifferent than that's not a good sign. Though to be fair I didn't see anything in this interview where Sarah said that fans were attacking her personally.
There were a lot of changes for season 5. Not only did the show lose Charisma Carpenter and Vincent Kartheiser, but also Stephanie Romanov and Julie Benz, who were both tremendous assets to the show.

The was also a strong change in emphasis, with Fred, Gunn and Lorne doing very little each episode, while Spike and Harmony seemed to have the spotlight focused on them.

Even the look of the show changed, from dark and atmospheric to as brightly lit as an Aaron Spelling show.

Sometimes the angry voice on the internet does not properly represent the views of the majority of viewers. Sarah was always hugely popular at my conventions, and from the response Vincent got each time then onnor must have been one of the most loved characters on the show.
Honestly, I think the only character I ever hated was Kennedy. Nothing against the actress though, but the character needs to die

Loved Eve though:)
SeanHarry, Darla was gone midway through season three. And actually Lilah died midway through season four as well, so one could hardly claim their departures were part of the transition (indeed they brought Lilah back briefly in order to segue the show into its new setting).
Eve's big downfall was her love for Lindsey. So I can forgive her....
Lilah died half way through season 4, not season 3.
I must have watched a different S5 as I remember a lot of Fred and a fair amount of Gunn.
While checking out a Buffy wiki there was this claim the character was meant to be played by Morena? I never knew this... While that'd have actually made me care for the character a bit more, as is I can't really fault Thompson for anything about the role.

She was pretty good at the notion of playful evil even if the character obviously couldn't have ended up being much wacky good vibes and fun.

I've still only read the first collection of comics, did her character ever turn up again from the ambiguous ending?
Yes, the role was written with Morena in mind. However she was already on the Marti Noxon show Still Life, that also starred Jensen Ackles and Jonathan Woodward. This show is apparently so bad that it has never been aired.

The original idea was that Eve was going to be Jenny Calender's sister, secretly out for revenge against Angel.
I always liked Eve. I'm rewatching season 5 now. She has some great lines and she looks gorgeous. Sarah can be very funny and she can also play very vulnerable. The reveal of Lindsey in Destiny is mind-blowing. I didn't know she was going to be Calendar's sister, that would've been fun but everyone's always coming back for revenge on Angel (I just saw Why We Fight last night).
The original idea was that Eve was going to be Jenny Calender's sister, secretly out for revenge against Angel.

I'm thinking that plot must have been tossed out before Sarah was cast. It seems to me that she's a little too white to portray a gypsy.
I liked Eve. Then again, I like attractive women in general. So sue me. I'm glad to learn that Sarah has moved on and carved out a nice career for herself. It should serve as a lesson to everybody who has had some rough times.

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I LOVED her character on Angel!!! Just last week I bought some obscure horror movie -- "Babysitter" something -- simply because it stars her. I haven't watched it yet, but it was the strength of her presence on Angel that made me take the risk on an admittedly dodgy-looking film. I hope she is reading these comments, so she knows that the snarks of the day are never worth worrying about -- it is the lasting respect and admiration that counts, and she has it!
Conceptually, I found Eve to be a mixture of Lilah Lite and Fairytale Princess--she manipulated her Senior Partner parents in her search for true love with an all-too-mortal Lindsey (hinting at the old world tragedy of The Little Mermaid, but somehow still a bit too Disneyfied all the same). Eve never successfully rose above the role she played in the narrative to become a compelling character in her own right. And consequently, I was never all that impressed with her, but that had more to do with the writing and less to do with the actress.

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I just read on her wiki page that she is married to the guy who played Tucker Wells (Andrew's brother) in The Prom. I always enjoyed the character of Eve too - loved her sarcastic, sweet as saccharin manner and she always had great shoes :)
will.bueche, that's a pretty funny send up to those kinds of films. I mentioned it at the top of this thread, if you saw House of the Devil and didn't like it, then you'll appreciate this film. It's tongue is so far in its cheeck that you can't tell one from the other. It's directed by the guy from Weird Science I think so it's quite funny. She does a great job at playing the sweet religious girl in it too(also, seeing her name on the film was the only reason I watched it!).
But I really liked the character of Eve(I also liked Kennedy and dislike Spike, not the popular vote here). I thought there was alot more to her that should have been explored. If Morena had taken the role then I think she may have lost that innocence that I found so compelling in a character that was trying to be so evil. Mixing her with Lindsey actually didn't work for me. It was like she lost a degree of agency by playing the girlfiend. I really wanted Eve to be more complex than that. Before that reveal I thought she really had so many places to go, especially after Life of the Party when she was leaving the office after banging Angel and had such a conflicted expression, I really wanted to know more about that. Guess it's testament to her acting skills. I'd love to see her in comic form again, especially in Angel and Faith.
I never had a huge opinion on Eve. Honestly, I thought she had just enough character develepment to justify her screen time, which was actually pretty small. She was also greatly representative, in the beginning of the season at least, to the weird line the fang gang were walking in joining W&H. Do they trust what Eve says or not was a great way to hint at the larger issue of whether or not they should be there.

she is married to the guy who played Tucker Wells (Andrew's brother)

Does anyone else find it hilarious in a meta way that Tucker is being defined as Andrew's brother and not the other way around?
@Giles_314: *seconds the motion*
Does anyone else find it hilarious in a meta way that Tucker is being defined as Andrew's brother and not the other way around?

**That's kinda why I wrote it like that ;)
I see. Well played.
will.bueche, that's a pretty funny send up to those kinds of films. I mentioned it at the top of this thread, if you saw House of the Devil and didn't like it, then you'll appreciate this film. It's tongue is so far in its cheeck that you can't tell one from the other.

Y'know, I really didn't get a "send up" feel when I watched "Babysitter Wanted". Tongue slightly in cheek maybe but it's certainly also a serious horror movie (and not too bad for a low budget indie), it didn't seem at all like they were sending anything up so much as paying homage (to e.g. Hitchcock or Polanski) but with a slightly more modern sensibility (you can't really tell such a simple story that's so embedded in the suspense stalker/slasher genre without being slightly knowing about it).

(and it certainly didn't feel at all affected by the director - note, not the writer - having acted in the 'Weird Science' TV series 10+ years previously. 6 degrees time BTW, the director was also in an episode of Buffy)
He was Saje, good catch! Didn't Faith kill him for the books?
Google says yep (can't take any credit cos I didn't remember him, just saw it on IMDB-so-it-must-be-true). Faith killed him during her scallywag phase. Kids eh ?
Well thanks for googling, it's more than I was willing to do!
I totally misread that as though you were saying "Faith killed Tucker in one of the novels". Going to bed now.

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