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April 19 2011

Whedonesque wins SFX Blog award. We won "Best Online Fan Community". Thanks to everyone who voted.

Well, well, well - awesome! I wondered what had happened with that.
And since the people who run this site likely hear a lot of complaints and very few of those "hey, good job" thingies - kudos to you for creating such a great atmosphere and keeping things chilly in the 'verse :) Congrats!
Cool. Congratulations Caroline (ETA: and reading the tags, happy birthday BTW ;)[/ETA] and the mods, well deserved.

So, are we assuming the vote for the Doctor Who site was split by infighting then ? ;-)

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Really an awesome birthday present for Caroline.

Congratulations to you all!
Hey hey! We beat the Who fans! Awesome job
That's a nice lift. And Happy Birthday to Caroline, from whom all WHEDONesque goodness dost... derive? Hath sprung.

Anyway, she started it, and it is, IMO, one of the more civilized outposts of the fandom.
I like this site mostly because it doesn't hurt my eyes. Great layout to whomever designed it!
I like this site mostly for all the nice people, congrats to you all! (The layout is pretty great too)

Happy birthday Caroline!
Congrats! I am so glad to see you won. It's a great site. Thx.
A well deserved win for Caroline and the many mods...without all of you to keep the atmosphere respectful without losing the fun, we surely wouldn't still be around all these years (let alone voted winner in anything)!

I, for one, am proud to be part of this community. Everyone here is like a second family to me and I appreciate how we can agree and respectfully disagree with each other on a daily basis without resorting to (too much) in-fighting. It's certainly more fun around here than Sunday dinner with the real family!
This is the biggest website (covering the most stuff and with the most people) that I know of that remains so tidy, (mainly) polite, organized, interesting and FUN. Other than TWoP back in the day maybe.
Thanks for making one of my favorite places on the internet! The award is well deserved.
Congratulations to Caroline, the other tireless mods - and to all of us. The civilised atmosphere is a lot of the attraction, but the news and discussions - sometimes revealing, sometimes insanely funny - are what make it a permanent tab on my browser!

Definitely the perfect birthday present for Caroline - hope the rest of your day was also awesome!
Congratulations, guys! Well deserved!
Congratulations! Happy Birthday! All good things in one day. Richly deserved award for the manner in which you maintain a pleasant atmosphere and constant informative links. Keeping the spam and repetition down has only helped the case further. Well done mods!
Hooray and high fives for everyone!
Awesome work, everyone, but let's hear if for Caroline and her fantastic work with this site!




Congratulations to Caroline and all the Staff. So... um, do we get to share in what is surely a million-pound award? *waits hopefully*

Congrats Caroline (on both the birthday and this) and mods. Like everyone else said: this is one of the most well behaved, sanest and funnest corners of the internet. Couldn't quite do without it.
Congratulations, Caroline and everyone else involved in this very special place. A well-deserved award!
Yay and congrats to all who make this such a special place .... and a happy belated birthday to you, Caroline. :)
Ooh, nice one.

Thanks SFX.

And thanks for your well wishes.
This is so great! Congratulations, and Happy Birthday to Caroline! Kudos, too, to all of you that keep this unique place up and running for us all. We heart you. :)
Nice work Caroline and the mods...and us too. High 5x5's for everyone!
Oh, and happy birthday Caroline!

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