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April 19 2011

(SPOILER) Another Scott Allie interview about the Buffy and Angel & Faith comics. More news on the upcoming seasons of comic books.

So this, again tells us nothing, really new. All we really know is that they're considering many characters for a mini-series. I'm kinda tired of all the interviews with all of the same repeated info. Not Mr. Allie's fault of course.
Xander happy? Surely someone is delusional.
This seems to confirm that a Willow miniseries is in development for season 9.I know it was rumored but this from Scott seems more solid now.
Given the way S8 went I expect we'll end up with more miniseries and oneshots than Dark Horse is planning at the moment.
In the end, you will end up having to buy 50 issues to get the whole story, not the "shorter" run they keep claiming.
Not really. They've been pretty clear on the fact that you don't need to read both: they're sharing a universe, not a continuity. It seems pretty similar to the ways the shows were run; you can watch both shows and it all knits together, but you can watch just Angel and still appreciate Five by Five/Sanctuary without having seen This Year's Girl/Who Are You?.
"they're sharing a universe, not a continuity."

The fact that both Buffy and Angel will be coming to terms with their actions in Buffy season 8 reflects that they share a continuity, along with the odd crossover here and there. "Continuity" refers to things that happened before still having relevance now.

I agree that you don't need to read both, similar to how you can see those Angel episodes without the corresponding episodes in Buffy, but that doesn't mean that they don't share continuity.

Unless you simply meant continuity between the two titles as in not being necessary to experience both in order to "get" one, which isn't exactly the way most people describe "continuity."
I dunno. Allie says "Itís not going to be a constant cross-over where you have to read both to understand whatís going on, but major events in the world will affect both [titles]." So, really, you do if you want to know fully what is going on. No matter what they say, they want you to buy them all. And in some cases more than once, like putting out variant covers.
@Waterkeeper: My bad, 'continuity' was a bad choice of words. Saying they don't share a storyline would have been better phrasing.

@Dana: I see that as referring to stuff that's huge like magic being banished from the world. Might happen in one title and have ramifications in the other, but you don't have to read both to get the gist. I dunno, we'll see in a few months, but from everything they've said I think it's two rather distinct 25-issue series rather than one 50-issue behemoth.
I think it will be 2 series, but I think completists will feel the need to get them all. My own experience with this series has led me to come to loath comics, which I have collected for 40 years. But that's me.
Oddly, I've had the reverse effect, Dana. I'm now starting to rebuild my collections and fill in gaps of different series I collected since they were a mere 65 cents (I'm only 28, so um...inflation's a bitch).

However, when it comes to this series, I'm going to hold off on getting Angel. I'll just stick with Buffy for the time being. But the IDW Angel was so bad, I stopped before After the Fall was finished.

I'm kinda over the Angel storyline...especially after the Twilight storyline.

If issue 40 doesn't take Buffy into this wonderful new direction and make it closer to the show that I loved...I'm done.

Honestly, I wish they never continued Buffy.

I think it would have been a safer bet to continue Fray.

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