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April 20 2011

(SPOILER) Does Thor's post-credit teaser clip reveal the villain in The Avengers? If this description from Latino Review is accurate, it sounds like there's validation for a long-rumored baddie.

I don't wanna know. With my ears covered, I mutter to myself - "I will not think of the Stay Puft man from Ghostbusters. I will not think of the giant Stay Puft man. I will not think of the giant Stay Puft man."

Could it be the Stay Puft man?
Ouh, the cosmic cube :). This could very well be a lead-in to the Skrulls appearing, or possibly someone like Thanos.
napua, you might want to put spoiler tags on your post, since...*spoiler alert*...yes, it's the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Early reports are that Joss is taking a highly jovial and meta tone with the subject matter. The Bill Murray-as-zombie cameo he's written into the climax is supposed to be hilarious!
MrArg: That puts a whole new spin on the line, if someone tells Thor
"when someone asks you if you're a god, you say YES!"
Remember that time Dr.Doom used the Cosmic Cube to control the Hulk?

Good times.
So I just read a spoiler about Thor.

. I wonder if Joss had a hand in it?
Yeah, that actually leaked out a little while back, at least one of the early Thor reviews I've read says it's more of a distraction than anything else--doesn't really add much to the movie.

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