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April 20 2011

Maurissa Tancharoen joins The Guild. In news on the awesome end of the awesome spectrum, she should be part of the upcoming season.

Um, yeah. Awesome Sauce. Wonder what her role will be?
I've been guessing/suspecting this since 2009 when they were exchanging secret tweets and back then I thought she was joining but ended up just being the Date My Avatar video. Then I guessed that again for season 4 and was wrong again, lol. But NOW... HEY!! It's happening! I was clearly seeing the future 2 years ago, right?? =P

About what role she will play... I always joked she should play Tink's sister, but I'm sure I'll end up being wrong again.

Anyway, awesome news!
Head, 'sploded.
Where's the "like" button?

Oh. Here it is. --> ☺
I might have to watch past season 1 now. Just kidding. I've been meaning to for ages and haven't got around to it. All queued up at number one in my Netflix instant now.
I was already looking forward to the next season of the Guild, how can I be even more excited?! I am!
YAAAAAY! I love her. This is exciting!
This is of the niftiest.

And it's so cool when friends get to work with each other again. ; >

Is there a better way to say, "Yes, please?"
Never seen The Guild. But I love Mo and would be willing to watch for her. Is there any way to watch it other than on Xbox or Netflix? Like is it on Hulu or something? If not then guess I'll wait for the DVD.
You can watch The Guild on Youtube. Assuming they have the same deal with Xbox for this season, there is a slight delay before new episodes go on Youtube, but all the current ones are there now and the new ones will be eventually.
eddy, The Guild is already out on DVD.
I meant the new upcoming season esg.
Well, the Xbox deal isn't just Xbox, it's MSN video (or whatever it's called). You don't have to wait for Netflix or the DVD, or the delayed YouTube posting.

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eddy, you can watch it on MSN here. It's not the easiest video interface to navigate, but it's where I watched the new episodes last season since I don't have an Xbox.

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