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April 20 2011

Eliza Dushku is Catwoman in Batman: Year One. It's an animated adaptation of Frank Miller's comic book.

Yay! She's catwoman, she's everywoman, she's superwoman!
Awesome news.Puuuuurfect casting.
...and it's an actual cartoon, not a motion comic! I feel the dance of joy coming on!
I've really enjoyed all the DC Universe Animated Movies and they seem to love Whedonverse vets.
Hope it turns out to be a good one. I love all the voice casting Andrea Romano has done so far for the DC films (and the animated series too).Right now I'm looking forward to the Green Lantern one that Nathan Fillion will be voicing, but I am excited to hear about this one's casting.
It's interesting that they're saying Catwoman, since it was only Selina Kyle uncostumed who had a cameo in Year One (as a prostitute, sadly run-of-the-mill for Miller).

It makes me wonder if they'll be pulling material from the Catwoman 4 issue mini-series that is essentially a parallel story to Year One. And if they are, how they will choose to handle it. While it does touch on some interesting identity issues, it's also so utterly misogynistic and heavy on the sexual abuse that I doubt even the more "adult oriented" DC animated movies would want to touch it as-is.
Actually, Lady Brick, she puts on the costume by the end of the storyline. Specifically the big eared purple getup with the short boots and a tail. There's a particularly memorable incident involving Carmine Falcone and her claws.

Eliza is perfect for the street-rooted Miller version of Selina Kyle.
Ooh excited! Those super smooth vocal tones of hers gracing our speakers, yeah, that's awesome! Can't wait.
Oops, I'd totally forgotten about that scene. Just shows it's been far too long since I read it!

Pulling out my copy, she doesn't actually TALK in that scene though so I was half right :p
I'm looking forward to this as much as any film this year and more than most so, y'know, squee ;).

Not at all a bad cast either, Ben McKenzie as Batman would've given me pause if I hadn't seen him in 'Southland' (where he holds his own against actors like Michael Cudlitz) and also remembering that this is 'Year One' so he's meant to be young, not quite "finished" yet. And Eliza as Catwoman is nigh perfect. OK, OK, purrfect (purely so you guys don't have to you understand, I live to serve ;).

ETA: Except Buffyfantic already did. So purely so you guys don't have to do it twice *reminds self to read comments using reading comprehension of things read by reading*

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