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"Oh my god. You teach ethics?"
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April 20 2011

Buffy marathon for Australia over Easter. James Marsters will host the 'True Buff' marathon, featuring all 144 episodes back-to back from 7.30pm Thursday 21 through to 7.30pm Tuesday 26 April on SciFi.

Joss is huge in Australia, there's a lot of conventions happening there. It's a good place to be. Could someone bring a convention to Brazil? :)
YAY! less Yay as i read you have to have Foxtel.
The original movie is also on 11 on Sunday night too.
SciFi already air Buffy 100x's a day. James' comments could be entertaining.
This sounds potentially epic.

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Hopefully fellows Australians will post reports on James Marsters hosting work!
Hope he's not doing it in real time, he'll be knackered by the end of Chosen.

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