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January 06 2004

Scooby Doo 3 (already?) Linda Cardellini talks about Scooby Doo 3...

[ edited by kmacp on 2004-01-07 14:42 ]

Can you say SD3 straight to DVD after SD2 release in March. :)
One small correction; Seth Green is in the second one. It doesn't say anything about him being in the third one as well.
Also they always sign a contract for more than one if there is a sequel, especially if a movie is based off a franchise that might have a potential for more than 1 sequel. It's a way to keep the cost down should the sequel do well enough at the box office to warrent another one being made, the actor is already under contractual obligation to do it or risk a lawsuit. So there's no guarentee of a 3rd one only a contractual stipulation based on future earnings of the feature film.
oh, sorry, i read that wrong, i thought she was talking about the third when she mentioned seth green.

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