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"Okay, the entire world sucks because some dead ditz made a wish?"
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April 22 2011

Joss Whedon explains Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This interview took place when he visited the Sydney Opera House last year.

A great little interview.
OMWF as a kind of sequel to Hush. Nice.
Yeah, that comment caught me off guard and it makes so much sense. Different means of looking at communication (or lack of). Nicely said.
All roads seem to lead to me not thinking about something in a certain way until Joss says it. And OMWF was so far apart season-wise from Hush, I did not connect the dots.
Sometimes it's Jane?
Did he mean Jayne in Firefly?
I think he meant Jayne in Firefly, it isn't the first time he referred to Jayne as Firefly's Cordelia (and I think Adam Baldwin didn't know how to take that the first time Joss said it).
Jane = Jayne.
I think Adam Baldwin didn't know how to take that the first time Joss said it

That's kind of adorable.
Okay, so have they been sitting on a video interview this entire time? Release the rest of it, please.
Awesome little talk. I've always viewed Hush and OMWF as two of the show's masterpiece episodes (the others being Restless and The Body) but I'd never quite made that connection either...

Great stuff. I liked the blanket metaphor: "the audience will not bounce!"
I've seen the Hush/OMWF connection explained similarly somewhere before. I can't place it though. DVD commentaries, maybe?
I'm pretty sure Joss said this about Hush and OMWF in commentaries and interviews, etc. I remember him saying it before.
RE: Jayne. Duh. Thanks people. My mind was totally blank trying to think of a Jane- I was wondering if he meant Jane Espenson and I didn't get it or something. One of those days I guess....

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