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April 22 2011

Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel - a tribute trailer. Fantastic fan trailer encompassing both Buffy and Angel.

Easily my new favorite fan trailer in the 'verse. Also spoiler-free enough to send to your non-Buffy-watching friends who need a little extra push. Editing gets a bit spotty in the middle, but the end definitely makes up for it.

Awesome trailer ! Got all smiley watching it. A bit of sad, too.
Hell yeah! I'm keeping this one. It's going to be my new workout tape.
That was incredible!
Crap, that gave me chills. Freakin' awesome.
Crap. I have work to do this weekend, but now all I want to do is rewatch Buffy.
How many goodly creatures are there here!
How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world,
That has such people in't!

[I find some of non-human variety beauteous, as well]

When I see some of these awesome fan trailers, I am transported through my memories and also reminded how lucky I am to have lived in the era of Joss Whedon.
This is sooo GOOD! I shared it on fb, for the B&A friends who aren't on here. I loved it, it did a great job of showing highlights, and the music was perfect. LOVE! Thanks for posting this, popgoestheshelby.
And it even gave credit to Riley! How cool is that, huh? I need to watch this astoundingly good fan trailer a few more (hundreds of) times.
I have to say, I loved this. So many clips that don't normally appear in these kind of fan-made oeuvres. Fantastic job!
It's pretty cool. Although It's a shame that they left that 1 second of music in around 1:31. It seems like it would have been really easy to fix. I don't think it was tied to Gile's audio but I could be wrong.
Wow, that IS good. One of the best I've seen.
I loved this. My one complaint is that it seemed to highlight the horror and action of the shows, but not so much the comedy.

Another thing is that it made me realize how little I actually remember "Angel." I was always more into "Buffy," so it wasn't much of a surprise that, even when just seeing little bits of those episodes, my memory immediately provided the context. But it surprised me how often that didn't happen with the "Angel" clips. Wow. I gotta rewatch some "Angel," I reckon. :)
My friend and I have been having a 'discussion' (read argument) about which is better Buffy/Angel (my side) or Charmed (his side) so I've just sent him this as my next point...
send him the link to some of the trailers from Buffyverse Trailers and Smgfan2000. They're even better then this.
Personally I've watched every episode of both. Buffy is by far the superior to Charmed. Charmed you can forget. Buffy you can never forget.
:) I will - I'm winning him over! He's watched a few Angel episodes and he likes it, but for some reason he's insisting that Charmed is better than Buffy (but he's never seen any Buffy) but I'm confident that I'll win!
I was enjoying Charmed reruns several years ago when a friend insisted I would like Buffy so much better. He was soooo right. I began watching Buffy and forgot all about Charmed. Then I saw Charmed in a new light--saw it for what it lacked. I decided it was cute but utterly forgettable. Nathan, you are so right. You can't forget Buffy.

But watching this trailer, which is awesome I might add, I too am reminded of how much I don't really remember about Angel. XanMan, I'm with you and rewatching Angel is next on my to-view list.
Whedonesque (at Facebook) has had some polls lately that are always difficult: the most recent was, "Which Whedonverse character is the best of the best? Spike, Wes, Mal or Topher" That one really made me question which shows I, well, like the best, which makes me very uncomfortable, as though picking one would make me disloyal (I ultimately picked Spike; he's a two-show Whedon wonder and JM got to show his brilliance over and over). Before that was, "Who is the best character on Dollhouse" (I passed), "Who is the best character on Firefly" (I passed), "Who is the best character on Angel" (I started to pass but then I said Doyle - every time I've seen the show in reruns,and I've seen it many times, when he says in Season 1 "Our rats are low" I cry). But it is like choosing one of your kids over another. And, you guessed it, "Who is the best character on Buffy the Vampire Slayer". I've answered that before so didn't need to again. It's Buffy and always will be.

My point is, I guess, when you're put in a position to choose, you realize the quality of all the work from everyone involved and it suddenly becomes very difficult, and as I said, left with the taste of disloyalty in your mouth.

Gods be Good [/Game of Thrones] they haven't asked which is the best show, at least, I don't think they have because I'm not there all the time. No more polls for me - I'm done.

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Whatever! Has this thread become a PUNK or something? REALLY? Fucking CHARMED? You all are idiots! Go Away! AHH! MODS!!
Must tip my hat to the fine people that created this trailer.

That was really an awesome job!
Willowy Umm...I hope you're being sarcastic, because otherwise that's fairly offensive. I know a lot of people (myself included) who enjoyed "Charmed." No, it wasn't the caliber of "Buffy" but few things are.

It was an enjoyable show, for what it was, and I actually got some story ideas from episodes I watched. I haven't seen the whole series, as I was only getting reruns when I was living somewhere that had cable, but I liked what I did see.

Now, as to the trailer in question, I quite enjoyed it. I felt the music fit well, and the bits of dialogue that were left in worked quite well as a "narration." I did notice that the amount of time spent on some actors in the "credits" was shorter than for others, but that was probably so it ran the same amount of time as the music.

I posted it to the Bronze:Beta, and emailed it friends who don't come here.
Yes, ShadowQuest, it was a joke (though I've been known to be offensive at times). I do find Charmed loathe-worthy, so that part is true.
Good tribute, although the editor used the same clips as I did in my trailer several times (for Tony Head, Amber Benson, Joss Whedon). But he did send me a message telling me my tribute inspired his, so I guess that's all right.

If you want to see mine, it's HERE .

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